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Avishka Fernando- It’s All Easy if i get fitness

Avishka Fernando

Avishka Fernando, It’s All Easy If I Get Fitness Up he was long regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s finest limited-overs batsmen, for Sri Lanka’s first two limited-overs assignments this year (in the Caribbean and Bangladesh). was removed completely. But because of failed fitness tests – coach Mickey Arthur made fitness non-negotiable for players this year.

He is out of the team to improve his fitness :-

Although clearly neglected, Fernando eventually returned to the national team, spending his months outside the team trying to improve his fitness. He said that in the last four ODI innings, Fernando has now scored 33, 50, 76 and 118 runs. He said Thursday’s match-winning century in poor conditions was made easier by his better fitness.

“I missed a few tours because of my fitness and I tried to learn from that,” Fernando said. “I have been able to improve my fitness. Because of that, it is really easy for me to bat and field. I see a huge improvement there.”

Avishka’s Fernando- It’s All Easy if i get fitness

Avishka’s best fielding :-

Avishka’s fielding has often been better in the ring in the last two months. He was particularly productive during SLC’s Invitational T20 League in August.
“I didn’t do a lot of specialist fielding training, but I think when you improve your fitness, everything gets easier. I think a lot of improvements in my game are for better fitness right now.”

Fernando on Thursday put on three productive partnerships of his 118 runs in 115 balls, the best of which was a 97 for the fourth wicket, with Charit Aslanka making 72 for 62. Fernando and Aslanka are batting together in Sri Lanka.

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Fernando said, “We played a lot of cricket together since we were 15 or 16 years old.” “We know each other’s game very well. When he is batting, I have to say something to him, and when I am batting he also talks to me. We have a good relationship When he and I came together, we had lost three wickets. So we talked about batting together till the 41st or 42nd over.

Fernando revealed :-

Fernando also revealed that Sri Lanka’s winning total was higher than the score he thought the team should aim for at the start of the innings.

“When I started batting, I thought it was a good pitch to bat on, and the objective we had set was around 270 or 280. But because we batted well, we could have gone beyond 300. “

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