Aakash Chopra said: “I am with Cameron Bancroft”

Sarita Dey
3 years ago

Aakash Chopra has concurred with Cameron Bancroft that the Australian bowlers would have been aware of the ball-tampering in the 2018 Cape Town Test, although the latter has not said so explicitly.

In the aftermath of the scandal during the match between Australia and South Africa, Cricket Australia handed bans to then skipper Steve Smith, David Warner, and Bancroft for their involvement in the illegal activity.

Bancroft was slapped with a 9-month ban for his involvement in the scandal while Smith and Warner were both handed a 12-month ban for their roles in it.

In a video shared on his YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra pointed out that the Aussie bowlers would have surely figured out the ball had been tampered with after seeing its condition.

“Actually, I am with Cameron Bancroft. He has not said it, it is ‘self-explanatory’ that everyone knew it. At least, definitely, the bowlers knew for sure that when the ball came in the hand. It has been scratched more and the wear and tear are not looking natural,” said Chopra.

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The cricketer-turned-commentator feels the Australian bowlers are lying if they say they were not in the know.

“The fact is I refuse to believe that the rest of the players of the Australian team, especially the bowlers. It is possible an odd fringe player who is a batsman might not have known that sandpaper was being used. But if the bowlers don’t know that the ball is being tampered with and the condition is being changed. It means you are not telling the truth,” Aakash Chopra.

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