Afghanistan Erupts in Unprecedented Jubilation After Reaching WC Semis

Sarita Dey
3 weeks ago

Euphoria gripped Afghanistan as their cricket team sensationally booked a spot in the World Cup semifinals being played in the Caribbean. Following the nail-biting finish on Tuesday morning, celebrations erupted across the nation, painting the streets in a vibrant tapestry of national pride.

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Afghanistan’s happiness is like a dream

“This feels like a dream,” remarked Hikmat Hasan, a former Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) employee displaced after the Taliban takeover. “In the past three years, there hasn’t been an occasion that brought so many people together in joyful celebration.” But who is Hasan, and why does his perspective hold such weight?

Thousands Throng the Streets in Every Corner of the Country

The celebrations weren’t confined to the capital city of Kabul. Nangarhar, the home province of skipper Rashid Khan, witnessed a sea of jubilant fans. Large screens were set up at intersections in Jalalabad, the provincial capital, allowing massive crowds to witness the historic victory and join in the festivities. Similar scenes unfolded in Khost, hometown of power-hitting batsmen Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Noor Khan.

But how has cricket become such a unifying force in a nation facing immense challenges? What role does it play in the lives of ordinary Afghans?

A Thrilling Match Ignites Hope and National Pride

The match itself was a heart-stopping affair, keeping fans on the edge of their seats until the very last delivery. Afghanistan, considered underdogs throughout the tournament, displayed remarkable grit and determination. Skipper Rashid Khan, the young leader spearheading this historic run, spoke about the team’s motivation after the win.

“This victory would bring immense hope to the people back home,” Khan said, as quoted by BBC. “Cricket is the one source of pure happiness for us, you all know that.” But where did this unwavering belief in the power of cricket originate?

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Proving the Legends Right: A Dream Realized

Rashid Khan, in a post-match interview on the ACB’s official X channel, revealed a special piece of motivation for the team. “Apart from Brian Lara, no one gave us a chance,” he said. “We’re happy to prove the legend right!”

West Indies great batsman Brian Lara had predicted-

Brian Lara, the West Indies batting maestro, had predicted Afghanistan’s potential to reach the top four. This public backing from a cricketing icon fueled the team’s determination, as Khan further explained: “It’s an unbelievable feeling. We proved one person very right – Brian Lara. When you get such encouragement from a legend, it gives you a lot of energy as a team.”

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