SA20 League: An incident took place in the match between MI Cape Town vs Sunrisers Eastern Cape, the video of which is becoming increasingly viral on the internet. Actually, in an attempt to stop the boundary, the fielder accidentally kicked the female anchor standing on the boundary line, causing her to fall down. Zainab Abbas narrowly escaped with no serious injuries.

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Pakistani female anchor Zainab Abbas was standing on the boundary line

zainab abbas (@ZAbbasOfficial) / Twitter

Sam Karan was bowling the 13th over of the match, and Marco Jansen hit a big shot on the last ball of this over. The ball was going on the boundary line. Two fielders were behind the ball when one fielder tried to stop the ball by diving. At this time Pakistani female anchor Zainab Abbas was standing there on the boundary line, who was taking the interview.

Fielder’s leg collided with a female anchor

The fielder’s leg collided with the female anchor. The anchor was also standing facing the other way, so she too could not see. Zainab Abbas fell down at once. That’s why the people present with him immediately raised him by hand.

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SA20 League– Pakistani Zainab is anchoring in this league

SA20 League: Zainab Abbas comes from Pakistan. As you know that a total of 5 teams are playing in the SA20 league being held in South Africa. The owners of all the teams playing in this league are the owners of the IPL teams. To avoid the displeasure of Indian fans, Pakistani cricketers are not being played in this league. But Pakistani Zainab Abbas is anchoring in this league.