Cricket fever Grips New York, but security concerns remain for India-Pakistan match

Sarita Dey
4 weeks ago

Ahead of the much-awaited June 9 game between India and Pakistan in the Twenty20 World Cup, there are concerns about security at the Nassau County Cricket Stadium in Long Island, New York. Security personnel are preparing for the possibility of potential Lone Wolf attacks and are taking extensive measures to prevent disruptions. The police presence will be everywhere, on the ground and in the air, and “Nassau County will have seen the tightest security ever.”

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What is a lone wolf attack?

Lone wolf attack, according to Wikipedia, “is a particular kind of mass murder, committed in a public setting by an individual who plans and commits the act on their own.”

This security situation at the upcoming India-Pakistan game was revealed to the media on Wednesday morning (Eastern Time) by Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman and Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder.

Nassau County gears up for the biggest security deployment in its history

“Every day, Nassau County, as well as other communities and cities and counties and towns throughout the United States, receive all kinds of threats. We take every threat seriously,” Blakeman was quoted as saying by CBS News. “To that end, we have taken many, many precautions. As well as making sure that the stadium and the surrounding Eisenhower Park are safe, the parking areas are safe, and the watch areas are safe, we also are adding 100 additional police officers to our normal staffing for the rest of the county, just as a precaution.”

The safest place to be in Nassau County on June 9 will be inside that stadium

One particular tip-off was about a potential lone wolf attack on the June 9 game, according to the report which attributed it to the police commissioner. “Everything is credible when you’ve got a game and a crowd as big as this. We will go through every fine detail regarding the security and safety of the residents here in Nassau County. I can guarantee you this is the largest security we’ve ever had to do in this county’s history. I can also guarantee you the safest place to be in Nassau County on June 9 will be inside that stadium,” Ryder said.

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