Cricketer Inzamam Ul Haq’s Hindu Aunt, Whom He Came To Hisar To Meet And Then Went To Pakistan

Sangeeta Viswas
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Cricketer Inzamam Ul Haq’s Hindu Aunt, Whom He Came To Hisar To Meet And Then Went To Pakistan. This isn’t your typical cricket story. Buckle up for a tale of partition’s pain, a crazy family connection, and a cricket legend – Inzy, aka Inzamam-ul-Haq!

Partition’s Scars & A Helping Hand

Inzy’s family used to live in a village called Hansi in Haryana, India. But when partition ripped countries apart, they had to move to Pakistan. While they left their home, Inzy’s dad never forgot a special family in Hansi – Pushpa Goyal’s family.

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See, during the violence and chaos of partition, Pushpa’s family didn’t just shelter Inzy’s family, they even helped them reach safety in Pakistan. Talk about amazing neighbors!

A Meeting That Touched Hearts

Years later, Inzy visited India and met Pushpa’s son. The son gave Inzy his mom’s number. When they spoke, Inzy got emotional – this wasn’t just a call, it was a reunion between two families separated for 70 years by partition!

A Special Guest at the Wedding

The bond grew even stronger when Pushpa was invited to Inzy’s wedding! It wasn’t just any wedding for her, it was a chance to reconnect with a part of her extended family. Pushpa said, “This trip to Multan will forever be a cherished memory.”

Inzy’s Longing for Hansi

Inzy always wanted to visit his ancestral village, Hansi. He wanted to feel the soil, see his grandfather’s old mansion. When he was in Mohali with the Pakistani team, he even got emotional on TV, expressing his desire to go back to Hansi. Sadly, the Pakistan Cricket Board wouldn’t grant him permission.

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A Story That Goes Beyond Borders

This isn’t just a story of partition’s pain and a family reunion. It’s a story of bonds that transcend borders and politics. It’s the story of Inzy, a cricket legend who never forgot his roots.

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