Dhoni’s Magic Reaches FIFA! Ronaldo Gets The Title Of “Thala”

Sangeeta Viswas
1 month ago

Dhoni’s Magic Reaches FIFA! Ronaldo Gets The Title Of “Thala” Imagine seeing cricket’s “Thala” MS Dhoni and football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo mentioned together?

Believe it or not, FIFA just called Ronaldo “Thala” ahead of his first Euro 2024 match!

Hold on, what’s this “Thala” business?

“Thala” is a Tamil word meaning “leader.” It’s a nickname for former Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni, known for his cool leadership and clutch batting.

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So why “Thala” for Ronaldo?

FIFA posted a pic of Ronaldo with the caption “Thala for a reason.” This went viral because it’s the exact phrase Dhoni fans use on social media!

What connects them anyway?

Both are legends in their games, and guess what? They both wear jersey number 7!

What did Dhoni fans do?

Dhoni fans had a field day! They flooded social media with memes and funny videos linking every major cricket event to Dhoni’s jersey number.

Will Ronaldo become a legend like Dhoni?

Too early to say. Ronaldo’s a beast for sure, but Dhoni has a trophy cabinet full of achievements.

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But one thing’s clear: getting the “Thala” title has definitely made Ronaldo a favorite among cricket and football fans!

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