Faf du Plessis’s Wife! On One Side Fitness, On The Other Side Storm Of Beauty!

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

Faf du Plessis’s Wife! On One Side Fitness, On The Other Side of the Storm Of Beauty! RCB captain Faf du Plessis might be known for his incredible fitness, but his wife, Imari Visser, is no slouch in the beauty department either.

Imari often makes headlines for her stunning looks and has become a social media sensation with over 200,000 followers on Instagram. But who is the woman behind the captivating smile?

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A Love Story in the Making

Faf and Imari’s love story is as charming as it is enduring. The couple tied the knot in 2013 after dating for quite some time. Their fairytale wedding took place at the picturesque Kleine Zalze Wine Estate near Cape Town.

While details about their first encounter remain shrouded in mystery, their love has only grown stronger over the years.

A Beauty With Brains

Apart from her undeniable beauty, Imari is also a woman of substance. She holds a B.Com degree and has a keen interest in marketing, management, and business.

Currently, she works as a marketing manager for a renowned company in South Africa, proving that she’s not just a pretty face but also a smart and successful businesswoman.

Social Media Savvy

Imari is an active social media user, often sharing glimpses of her life with her followers. Her Instagram feed is a delightful mix of personal photos, travel adventures, and moments with her beloved husband, Faf.

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A Perfect Pair

Faf and Imari are a true power couple, complementing each other perfectly. Faf’s dedication to his sport is matched by Imari’s support and love, while her beauty and charm are a constant source of inspiration for him.

Together, they make a picture-perfect couple, both inside and out.

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