Michael Clarke Cheating Scandal: Former Australian captain Michael Clarke slapped by his girlfriend. There was an allegation of cheating in their relationship. Clarke is once again in limelight for his relationship these days.

Divorced after 7 years of marriage with his wife Kylie:-

Captain Clarke, who won the 2015 World Cup title to Australia in 2015, got divorced in 2019 after 7 years of marriage with his wife Kylie.

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His divorce was done in 300 crores, due to which this divorce was very much discussed. However, after divorcing his first wife, Clarke got into a relationship with Jade Yarbrough, but now he is accused of cheating on his girlfriend as well.

Former Australian Captain Michael Clarke Slapped By His Girlfriend

Because of which his girlfriend slapped him openly, then what was this video of him becoming quite viral.

A Scuffle broke out in a Public Park between the Yarbrough:-

Michael Clarke and Jed Yarbrough got into a scuffle in a public park on Wednesday night. During this Jade accused him of having an illicit relationship with ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards and started slapping him.

Its video is becoming quite viral on social media. According to the Daily Telegraph, Clarke is not accepting this.

He is also swearing by his daughter. Clarke is heard saying during this time that, I swear, this is not true. I swear on my daughter.

Watch cricket legend Michael Clarke square up to TV host in wild row as he  is slapped by girlfriend amid cheating claims | The US Sun
Former Australian Captain Michael Clarke Slapped By His Girlfriend

His Girlfriend can be seen shouting loudly at him:-

At the same time, this whole incident has also been posted by Daily Telegraph. In this video, Clarke is seen shirtless while his girlfriend is seen loudly shouting at him and slapping him as well.

Michael Clarke Cheating Scandal: पूर्व ऑस्ट्रलियाई कप्तान माइकल क्लार्क पर सरेराह गर्लफ्रेंड ने बरसाए थप्पड़, देखें Video
Former Australian Captain Michael Clarke Slapped By His Girlfriend

This is not the first time Michael Clarke has been accused of cheating despite being in a relationship.

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Earlier in the year 2018, there was news in the Australian media that Clarke was having an affair with his assistant. At that time some private pictures of both of them also went viral on social media.