Former Pakistani Player Also Acknowledged The Power Of IPL, Saying – ‘IPL is Better Than Our Cricket!’

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

Former Pakistani Player Also Acknowledged The Power Of IPL, Saying – ‘IPL is Better Than Our Cricket!’ The IPL 2024 dust has settled, but its impact is still being felt. The T20 World Cup is already underway, but cricket fans can’t stop talking about the IPL.

Now, a Pakistani cricketer just dropped a bomb that might sting his own fans. Kamran Akmal, a former batsman, said that the IPL played in India is way better than Pakistan’s international matches.

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Whoa, What? Why Did He Say That?

Akmal made this comment in response to something former England captain Michael Vaughan said. Back in May, there was a four-match T20 series between Pakistan and England. Just before the series, the England Cricket Board called their players back from the IPL.

Why did England call their players back?

The England Cricket Board said they needed the players back to prepare for the upcoming T20 World Cup in June.

So, what did Michael Vaughan think about this?

Vaughan said that instead of playing a domestic T20 series against Pakistan, the players could have used the IPL playoffs for better T20 World Cup prep.

And what did Kamran Akmal say about Vaughan’s comment?

Akmal, surprisingly, agreed with Vaughan! He said it might be a harsh truth, but Vaughan was right.

But Why Did Akmal Agree?

He explained that everyone knows the current state of Pakistani cricket. They’re even losing to smaller teams like Ireland. So, the fault lies with them, not England.

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Here’s where the IPL comes in: Akmal praised the IPL for having the world’s best batters and bowlers competing in front of massive crowds of 40,000 to 50,000. That, according to him, makes the IPL a tougher and higher-quality cricket experience.

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