Indian Batsman Tanmay Agarwal Broke The World Record

Sangeeta Viswas
1 month ago

Ranji Trophy 2024: Indian batsman Tanmay Agarwal broke the world record. Hit 26 sixes in one inning. In a match of Ranji Trophy 2024, the Hyderabad team performed brilliantly against Arunachal Pradesh.

The team scored 615 runs within 60 overs (in 59.3 overs). Tanmay Agarwal was the center of attraction in this innings who hit 26 sixes in his brilliant innings of 366 runs.

In this innings, 34 fours also came from his bat. The special thing was that Tanmay scored 366 runs in just 181 balls.

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Indian Batsman Tanmay Agarwal Broke The World Record

World Record Broken:-

Tanmay also set a world record by hitting 26 sixes in this innings. He has become the batsman to hit the most number of sixes in a first-class innings in first-class cricket around the world.

Before him, this record was in the name of Colin Munro of New Zealand, who had hit 23 sixes in his innings of 281 runs in a first-class match. He did this in 2014-15. That means India’s Tanmay has now broken this world record after about 10 years.

Indian Batsman Tanmay Agarwal Broke The World Record

The Most Sixes in An Innings Of First-Class Cricket:-

  • Tanmay Agarwal- 26 sixes (366 runs), Ranji Trophy 2024
  • Colin Munro- 23 sixes (281 runs), Plunket Shiel League 2014-15
  • Shafiqullah Shinwari- 22 sixes (200 runs), 4-day Tournament (Afghanistan) 2017-18
  • Pramod Bhanuka Rajapaksa- 19 sixes (268 runs), 2018-19
  • Najeeb Tarakai– 19 sixes (200 runs), 4-day Tournament (Afghanistan) 2018-19
  • Oshada Fernando- 17 sixes (234 runs), 2018-19

Fastest Double-Triple Century:-

Tanmay Agarwal made not one but many world records in his explosive innings of 366 runs. He scored the fastest double century in Ranji history in the first 119 balls.

Indian Batsman Tanmay Agarwal Broke The World Record

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After this, the highest triple century in the history of first-class cricket across the world also came from his bat in 147 balls. He defeated many legends playing not only in Ranji but in first-class cricket around the world.

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