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MS Dhoni: Dhoni will help farmers in a modern way, invested money in drone company Garuda Aerospace

MS Dhoni: Former Indian captain MS Dhoni has bought shares of drone company Garuda. This company makes drones. It also improves agriculture related systems in the country. Now Garuda Company will make the work of farmers easier through drones.

Drones of this company will be able to spray insecticide; weed killer, water and fertilizer in the crop easily and in less time. In this way, Dhoni is now going to make the work of the farmers of the country easier.

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Captain Cool invested in Drone maker Garuda for agriculture related works :-

After retiring from international cricket; Captain Cool has started a new innings with Garuda Aerospace. Even before this, he has invested in companies related to clothing, liquor and agriculture. Now he is investing in the company of drones. Drones will also made for agricultural work.

It is a matter of pride for the company that Dhoni is associated with the company :-

It was said on Monday on behalf of Garuda Airspace that it is a matter of pride for the association that Dhoni is associated with this startup. Established in Chennai, this company manufactures drones for the convenience of farmers. However, how much has Dhoni invested in this company.

Dhoni, “Happy to be associated with Garuda Aerospace” :-

Dhoni said after associating with Garuda, “I am happy to be a part of Garuda Airspace. I am ready to witness the success of this company; as they are solving farmers’ problems through drones”. MSDhoni associated with Garuda Airspace as the brand ambassador and shareholder.

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CEO of Garuda Aerospace expressed happiness over Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s investment :-

Agnishwar Jayaprakash, Founder and CEO, Garuda Aerospace expressed his happiness to associated with Dhoni. He said, “I have always been a big fan of him.

Having him as a part of the Garuda Aerospace family a dream come true. He is synonymous with passion. I am sure the arrival of Captain Cool will motivate our team to perform better.”

Garuda Aerospace is providing its facilities in 26 cities with 300 drones and 500 pilots. The country’s PM Modi recently started the manufacturing unit of this company.

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