Rishabh Pant’s love dragged Urvashi to the hospital. Rishabh Pant is undergoing treatment at Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai. He is accompanied by his mother and family members.

Rautela Shared Many Posts On Instagram:-

After the accident, his girlfriend Isha Negi has neither been seen publicly, nor has she shared any post etc. but Urvashi Rautela has shared many posts on Instagram.

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Now Urvashi has also reached the hospital (Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai) where Pant is admitted. Rishabh Pant’s car accident happened on the morning of 30 December, the accident was big which worried everyone.

Urvashi Rautela Instagram Story (Kokilaben Hospital Mumbai)
Rishabh Pant’s Love Dragged Urvashi To The Hospital

Everyone from the cricket world was praying for Pant’s safety on social media, then Urvashi also shared a photo of herself on social media and wrote “Praying”.

He didn’t write Pant’s name, it was for Pant only, this thing was clear. Now Urvashi has reached the same hospital where Pant is undergoing treatment.

Urvashi Rautela Reached The Hospital:-

Urvashi Rautela shared the latest photo of Kokilaben Hospital, the board of the hospital is visible in this photo shared on Instagram story. This photo is taken from the street.

Rishabh Pant has been admitted from Dehradun to this hospital in Mumbai. Rishabh Pant’s ligament has to be treated, but he is currently swollen due to which the MRI is delayed.

Rishabh Pant: Urvashi's mother's new post in discussion after being trolled  for her post for Rishabh Pant; 'Self worth..' – after being trolled for Rishabh  Pant post Urvashi Rautela mother shares cryptic

He also has to undergo surgery. According to the information received by InsideSport, it may take 8 to 9 months for Rishabh Pant to recover.

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WATCH Urvashi Reached Hospital To meet Rishabh Pant - YouTube

Social media calls Urvashi Rishabh’s Ex:-

Bollywood actress Rautela keeps posting something or the other about cricketer Rishabh Pant. Once, while sharing an Instagram story in response, Pant had also written that leave me behind, didi. Despite this, Urvashi still shares something or the other, which becomes the headlines of the media.