Rohit’s Mother Left The Doctor’s Appointment And Reached The Stadium, Said- ‘I Never Thought…’

Sangeeta Viswas
3 weeks ago

Rohit’s Mother Left The Doctor’s Appointment And Reached The Stadium, Said- ‘I Never Thought…’ Team India’s plane touched down in Delhi first thing on July 4th, fresh off their victory against the West Indies in the T20 World Cup.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself gave the team a hero’s welcome in the capital. But the celebrations didn’t stop there! The team then flew straight to Mumbai for a massive parade and a grand finale at the Wankhede Stadium.

Guess who was spotted in the crowd cheering on her son, Rohit Sharma, the Indian Captain? His mom, Purnima Sharma! Turns out, she ditched her doctor’s appointment just to be there for this special moment.

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“Never Thought I’d See This Day!” – Rohit’s Mom Spills the Beans

In an interview with the Indian Express, Purnima revealed a surprising detail. “I never imagined I’d witness this day,” she said. “Before the World Cup, Rohit even told me he was considering retiring from T20 cricket. But all I told him was, ‘Just do your best to win.'”

Purnima continued, “I actually had a doctor’s appointment today because I wasn’t feeling well. But there was no way I was missing this! I had to see it with my own eyes. Words can’t describe how happy I am for Rohit!”

A Special Shoutout from Mom!

After the win, Purnima Sharma posted a photo on social media featuring Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma together. The caption under the photo read, “The GOAT duo of T20 cricket!

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A daughter on his shoulder, the whole nation on his back, and his brother by his side.” It was clear that this post was a heartfelt message for Rohit, who led India to its first-ever T20 World Cup victory under his captaincy.

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