Sania Mirza Is Going To Go For Haj Soon, Irfan Pathan Has Already Performed Umrah!

Sangeeta Viswas
1 month ago

Sania Mirza Is Going To Go For Haj Soon. Irfan Pathan Has Already Performed Umrah! Big news for Indian sports fans! Tennis legend Sania Mirza just announced she’ll be performing Hajj pilgrimage in 2024.

This has everyone showering her with congratulations online. But guess what? Sania isn’t the only Indian athlete who’s undertaken these holy journeys.

Remember cricketer Irfan Pathan? Back in 2022, he took his wife, kids, and the whole fam to Saudi Arabia for Umrah. He performed the rituals in Mecca, even shared pics on social media rocking the white Ihram robes.

Irfan Pathan’s Umrah Experience

Sharing his experience, Irfan wrote, “Performing Umrah with my favorite people was the most peaceful and beautiful moment.” Fun fact, Irfan actually married his wife Safa Beig in Mecca itself back in 2016!

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Irfan Pathan’s Cricket Journey

Irfan hung up his jersey in 2020, retiring from all formats of cricket. But you might’ve seen him playing in some Legends Cricket League matches after that.

Just a reminder of his epic bowling skills – he snagged 100 wickets in 29 Tests, 173 wickets in 120 ODIs, and 28 wickets in 24 T20s for India!

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What’s Umrah Anyway?

Think of Umrah as a mini Hajj pilgrimage. It’s a way to seek forgiveness from Allah for your sins. They say performing Umrah washes away a lifetime of wrongdoings.

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