Sourav Ganguly Likes The Impact Player Rule But Wants This Big Change

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

Sourav Ganguly Likes The Impact Player Rule But Wants This Big Change. Remember the ‘Impact Player’ rule that was introduced last IPL season? It was a game-changer for sure, but also got everyone talking. This rule lets teams pick an extra player just after the toss.

The Delhi Capitals’ Boss And Cricket Legend

But Sourav Ganguly, the Delhi Capitals’ boss and cricket legend, has a twist in mind! He says teams should pick their ‘Impact Player’ at the toss itself, not during the match.

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Why This Change?

Ganguly believes it will make things more strategic! If teams know their ‘Impact Player’ beforehand, they can plan their batting and bowling accordingly. It would be all about thinking ahead, not last-minute surprises.

Ganguly Actually Likes The ‘Impact Player’ Rule

But wait, there’s more! Ganguly actually likes the ‘Impact Player’ rule. He thinks it adds excitement and keeps the game unpredictable.

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But here’s another twist! Ganguly also wants the IPL boundaries to be bigger! This way, batsmen get a better chance to score big and make the matches even more thrilling.

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