The Big Blow For Hardik Pandya! Brother-in-Crime Busted By Mumbai Police!

Sangeeta Viswas
2 months ago

The Big Blow For Hardik Pandya! Brother-in-Crime Busted By Mumbai Police! Looks like things are not going well for cricketer Hardik Pandya, off the field this time. The Mumbai Police have arrested the man who allegedly cheated him and his brother Krunal Pandya out of a whopping 4 crore rupees!

And Who is This Culprit?

None other than their own half-brother, Vaibhav Pandya!

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So, how did the scam go down?

Back in 2021, the Pandya brothers joined forces with Vaibhav to start a polymer business company.

The Partnership Deal:

Hardik and Krunal each had a 40% stake in the company, while Vaibhav held the remaining 20%. As per the agreement, all the profits were supposed to be shared equally between the three.

But Vaibhav had other plans!

Instead of giving his brothers their fair share of the profits, Vaibhav allegedly created a separate company and transferred all the money there.

The Loss:

This sneaky move left the Pandya brothers with a loss of nearly 4.3 crore rupees.

Hardik Fights Back:

Hardik wasn’t going to take this lying down. He filed a complaint with the Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) of the Mumbai Police, and they promptly arrested Vaibhav.

What’s next?

Vaibhav is currently under police custody for 5 days.

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This is a shocking incident for the cricket world.

It will be interesting to see what punishment Vaibhav receives for his actions.

What do you think? Should Vaibhav get a harsh punishment?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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