When RBI Governor Ran After Azharuddin, After A Few Years Exactly The Opposite Happened

Sangeeta Viswas
4 weeks ago

When the RBI Governor went after Azharuddin, a few years later the exact opposite happened. Mohammad Azharuddin used to be a national celebrity in the 1990s. Wherever Azharuddin, the brilliant batsman of the Indian cricket team, went, he was surrounded by a crowd of thousands.

Subbarao And His Family Were Also Involved:-

Former Governor of Reserve Bank of India (RBI) D. Subbarao and his family were also among the fans of the Indian cricketer.

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In his latest book ‘Just a Mercenary: Notes from My Life and Career’ published by Penguin Publications, Subbarao has shared an interesting anecdote related to Azharuddin.

Maybe They Have A Match Like This:-

Subbarao writes that both my sons, Malik and Raghav, were huge fans of Azharuddin when they were young. We used to discuss them every night at the dinner table. Maybe there is some match of theirs which we missed.

When RBI Governor Ran After Azharuddin, After A Few Years Exactly The Opposite Happened

One day I had gone to Begumpet Airport to receive my wife Urmila. Both the children were also with me. We sat in the waiting area and started waiting. It was early morning and there was not much crowd at the airport.

I Came To Delhi After Becoming The Governor Of The Reserve Bank Of India:-

In the year 2000, Azharuddin’s name came up in match-fixing and he was banned. After this the number of his fans also reduced. Subbarao writes that after a few years, Azharuddin entered politics and I came to Delhi after becoming the Governor of the Reserve Bank.

In 2012, when I was Governor, one evening I was returning from Mumbai to Delhi. Boarded the bus at the airport to reach the plane, which was packed. I stood quietly in a corner.

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Suddenly a middle aged man wearing a suit walked towards me and said – ‘Sir, my name is Azharuddin and I am also from Hyderabad…’

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