Will Jai Shah Become More Powerful? Is He Sure To Go From BCCI To ICC?

Sangeeta Viswas
3 days ago

Will Jai Shah Become More Powerful? Is He Sure To Go From BCCI To ICC? Jay Shah, the BCCI secretary since 2019, might be making a power play in the world of cricket.

He’d Be The Youngest ICC President Ever:-

Whispers are swirling that he’s considering a run for ICC president in the elections happening this November. If he wins, he’d be the youngest ICC president ever, shaking things up on the global cricket scene.

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Pretty exciting news, right? But will Jay Shah actually jump ship to the ICC? He hasn’t officially said anything yet. Some reports suggest he’s not a huge fan of how things are run at the BCCI and wants to bring some changes to the ICC.

Should Jay Shah Go For The ICC Gig?

That’s a tough one. On the one hand, Jay Shah’s young, energetic, and experienced in cricket administration. He’s got the vision and leadership skills to potentially push the ICC forward. As BCCI secretary, he did make some cool moves, like revamping domestic cricket and giving women’s cricket a boost.

But on the other hand, some critics say Jay Shah doesn’t have enough experience with international cricket. His young age might also be a concern for some. Plus, a few folks are questioning if it’s a conflict of interest since Jay Shah also owns a private media company.

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What’s Next?

We gotta wait and see if Jay Shah throws his hat in the ICC ring. If he runs and wins, it’d be a historic moment for Indian cricket. But if he loses, that could be a major setback.

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