Commins to lead New South Wales this time in One Day Cup 2021

Suraj Roman
3 years ago

The Australian fast bowler Pat Commins to lead the New South Wales this time in one day cup 2021.

Cummins has played under six captains at international level and says he will be taking bits and pieces from all his previous skippers, as well as others he has gotten to know, as he looks to form his own identity in charge.

Not since he captained Penrith in the Under-16 Green Shield competition in the summer of 2008-09 has the right-arm had the (c) next to his name, save for a couple of intra-squad matches on last year’s white-ball tour of England?

Commins Says –

“This opportunity is a huge one to actually give it a crack,” Cummins told reporters today in Sydney.

“It’s been Under-16s since I’ve had a decent crack at it.

“I’m just keen to, first of all, see if I’m any good, or hopeless.

“If I enjoy it, see how it goes and then (I’m) not looking too much further ahead than these few games.

“I think like batting and bowling, captaining can be a skill. You’ve got to practice. You’ve got to try and find your own method and I think the best (way to do that) is by giving it a crack.”

Domestic team information
2010/11–presentNew South Wales
2012/13Sydney Sixers
2013/14Perth Scorchers
2014–2015, 2020Kolkata Knight Riders
2014/15–2018/19Sydney Thunder
2017Delhi Daredevils

Australia has not had a bowler as Test captain since Richie Benaud in the 1960s, with Ray Lindwall the last fast bowler to serve as Australia’s Test captain, in a one-off Test against India in 1956. 

The physical demands of fast bowling have often ruled out fast bowlers from captaincy contention, but Cummins believes quicks can in fact be skippers.

“I don’t think just because you’re automatically a bowler or a wicketkeeper rules you out of captaincy,” he said.

“No doubt there are a few more challenges about being a bowler but also it brings some opportunities.

“You hope that our skill is trying to get wickets as a bowler and that’s a lot of the time what you’re trying to do as a captain out in the field.

“Managing the workload, that’s something I’m going to have to see how it goes in these next few games and get a taste of it that way, but I’m not too sure about longer-form stuff.”

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