A penny for Dawid Malan’s views As a spectator at the MCG in November, a senior England batsman capped off the World Cup-winning run-chase against Pakistan with an unbeaten 52 off 49 balls.

Of course, the man questioned was Ben Stokes – England’s Red Adair run-chase, back in the T20I squad after an absence of 18 months and proving once again that his big match temperament is better than the other Is. none.

However, Dawid Malan could have been named in the situation in that match. A moderate target of 138 for the target, and the loss of two early wickets. Gives the unfinished man authority and logic to build carefully into his work, as a proven, former world No. 1-ranked, with a record at No. suitable for the person. 3 in 44 of his 55 T20 matches for England.

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Dawid Malan himself was denied due pay

But Dawid Malan himself was denied due pay. His campaign was halted by a groin injury picked up during England’s tense group-stage victory over Sri Lanka. And despite believing he had done enough to count on a return for the final against Pakistan, this was not to be. Was.

Dawid Malan told ESPNcricinfo, “It was tough.” “Initially we had discussed that we were just going to treat the symptoms. But then the day before the World Cup final. I had a scan which I was not very happy about, as I thought I was fine.

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“I did the fitness test and everything that was required. And was able to do everything that was asked of me in the two-and-a-half-hour session. With just a handful of beats.

“But after the training session, when Jos [Butler] and Motti [Matthew Mott] called me in, they said ‘look, even if you’ve passed everything, there’s still a risk’.”

Came Down to Sheer Dimensions of MCG, says Malan

The issue, says Dawid Malan, came down to the sheer dimensions of the MCG, and not only his swallowing hazards. But also that of Mark Wood – another key influence England chose to do without, having to overcome a hip flexor. Despite appearing for the problem which had ruled him out of India’s semi-final.

“If we were playing in a smaller ground like Bangalore. Where you don’t rely on three-twos and chasing balls in the outfield. It would definitely have been worth the risk,” he said.

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“But playing at the MCG, when every run counted in a World Cup final… as a cricketer, you sometimes have to let go of your ego, even if you are disappointed with the decision. It’s about winning the World Cup.” , It’s not about putting your personal pride before the team. Even though it’s a tough pill to swallow, it’s the right decision. We won the World Cup by not risking two players who were touch-and-go fitness. the rest is history.”

Malan was not Involved in the epic 2019 Campaign

That history now shows that England are the concurrent 50- and 20-over World Cup champions. The first men’s team to achieve such a feat. And while Dawid Malan was not involved in the epic 2019 campaign. He has been an integral member of the T20 squad in the middle. Including the semi-final loss in the UAE 12 months before the MCG triumph – a campaign he calls That came with much more expectation than just went.

“The disappointment of losing that semi in 2021 was there for everyone to see,” he says, recalling a gutsy defeat to New Zealand in Abu Dhabi. “With what we had available as a team. We were disappointed that we didn’t win the World Cup that year, but I think this time the expectations were probably not that high. We obviously wanted to win, but I Didn’t do it. Think that would be realistic.”

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failed to win any of their four home white-ball series against South Africa

The reasons for such austerity were numerous. The retirement of Eoin Morgan bled a transitional summer. In which England failed to win any of their four home white-ball series against India and South Africa, while injuries to key personnel – notably Jofra Archer and Johnny Bairstow – meant they were far from the frontrunners going into previous ICC events.

“If we played as well as we could, we could have won, but after the summer. I didn’t feel there was as much pressure on us as a team,” says Malan. “Australia and India were in better form than us.

“But it has been a long journey, from the time Morgs took over in 2015 to where it is now with Jose and Motti as leaders in the group. I was initially on the outside, watching them go about their business. But they’ve stuck to our guns for seven years now. Everyone in the country has bought into it, and to win two World Cups in the last few years is unbelievable.”

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Malan earned little credit for his own ways during England’s latest trophy-winning Campaign

Still, you get the sense that Malan must have had a bit more leeway for his own ways during England’s latest trophy-winning campaign. His tally for the tournament ended at 56 from 68 balls in three innings. Including a poor 35 off 37 which contributed to a rain-affected defeat against Ireland. And an unbeaten 3 with one ball against New Zealand. scored runs Number 8 is being shunted to make way for the alleged heavy hitters.

Despite some startling feats during his England career. Including a record 1000 T20I runs in 24 matches, and a 48-ball hundred against New Zealand in 2019, criticism has been a constant companion for Malan. In particular, the impression is that he slows down from the blocks.

During his T20I career, Malan has scored 30 scores of 30 or less at a strike rate of less than one run a ball (97.05)

During his T20I career, Malan has scored 30 scores of 30 or less at a strike rate of less than one run a ball (97.05). Once he gets into his stride, however, few opponents can keep up with his acceleration – as evidenced by a strike-rate that rises to 165.56 on the 15 occasions when he gets past fifty.

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And it was this point that England batting consultant Mike Hussey focused on while presenting the cap to Malan to mark his 50th appearance during the World Cup. In particular, Hussey focused on his “Basra”, no longer simply a port in southern Iraq, but now a means of judging a player by their “batting average [and] strikeout rate aggregate” – which In Malan’s case that is currently a high 174.55 (38.84 and 135.71), behind only Kevin Pietersen and Jos Buttler among England players.

“We’re here to win games of cricket, not reel off the highlights. There are a lot of people who feel like, ‘Oh, you have to hit the ball 130m and get on Instagram’. It’s irrelevant. Is.”

It was the first time i heard about it

“It was the first time I heard about it,” admitted Malan. “But when you hear someone who praises you, it’s an incredible feeling and gives you a lot of confidence.

“Batting at 3 in T20 is a tricky position,” he says, “because if you want to stay positive and take 0 for 1 in the first over of the game, if you get out, you 10 for 2. And you’re probably not going to get the 180 you need on that specific wicket. Then sometimes you walk in in the last over of the powerplay. Or in the eighth over when all the fielders are out, and a different Match what you’re used to.

It’s massive for me because then I can shut down the criticism

“When you open the batting, you can play the same way in every single match. It is the easiest thing to do, whereas when you bat at No.3 there is a bit more responsibility. At times it seems difficult enough, but I see leaders like Morgs and Jos giving me the confidence to play it. And that’s largely for me because then I can shut down the criticism.

“There is always criticism, sometimes it is fair, sometimes it is not, but we are enough as sportsmen to put our hands up when we find it wrong. Sometimes you feel It’s the same thing, no matter what you do.” , But that’s all it is, are people looking at statistics rather than what’s actually in front of you.”