India’s tennis star Sania Mirza and Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik are in constant discussion due to their divorce. According to the news, both of them are about to announce their divorce after settling the legal issues. The reason for the divorce between Shoaib and Sania is the Pakistani actress, with whom Shoaib Malik did a bold photoshoot And now both will be seen together in the Mirza-Malik show.

According to Pakistani media,

Shoaib has cheated Sania. It is being told that Shoaib is having an affair with someone else. The Pakistan-based channel quoted sources as saying that Shoaib and Sania are not addressing the rumors due to legal complications and signing contracts with various TV shows. Shoaib and Sania have several contracts to fulfill.

Meanwhile, Urduflix has informed on social media that the Mirza-Malik show is going to be streamed soon. It will be a talk show, in which Sania and Shoaib will also try to entertain people. This will be the first time that the pair will work together in a show.

Talking about the show, Sania and Shoaib said that they love doing new things together and were very excited as soon as they got the chance to do the show. Sania had said, “We like challenges, so it was very exciting for us to step away from sports and work in the media.”

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Sania Mirza Is Hosting a Debut Show Called "Mirza Malik Show" on Urduflix -  Showbiz Pakistan
Mirza-Malik show

How will the show be? (Mirza-Malik show)

Talking about her show, Sania said, “A good family show should make everyone laugh, like The Kapil Sharma Show. Our show will not be a comedy show, but it is important to make people laugh. In our life, There are a lot of things that aren’t very fun.” She further added that each episode of the show will be of one-hour duration and she wants that this one hour should be full of fun for the audience.

Also worked in advertisement

Malik said that he has worked with Sania in advertisements, but this show will not be easy. He has taken many interviews before this and he had a lot of fun during this. Malik is expecting the same from this show as well. Describing it as one of the biggest shows of the subcontinent, Founder Farhan Gauhar from Urduflix said that the show will have guests from India and Pakistan. Along with this, an attempt will be made to give the message of love between the two countries.

Sania told that the show will have fun things for the audience and guests. The show will also have several games to make it interesting. At the same time, she also said that she will not show any nastiness while asking questions as other hosts do. Viewers can also comment on the names of their favorite guests to invite them to the show.