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Nick Compton said that Captain Virat Kohli’s Method is Abusing


Nick Compton said Virat Kohli’s language is ‘excessive’. Anderson said the captain of India needs to be soft. Because he is the person representing the Indian cricket team. And they need to understand that people look up to them. Compton’s talk comes after Kohli engaged in several verbal duels with members of the England team during the second Test at Lord’s.

There Was a Heated Argument Between Anderson and Kohli:

On the fourth day, there was a heated argument between Anderson and Kohli. In which both of them taunted each other back and forth during India’s batting in the next innings. While on the final day, Indian captain, Ollie Robinson and Jos Buttler kept chirping as both batsmen tried to save the Test for England. Compton knows that sledding has become part of the sport. But the former opener said insisted how Kohli’s methods could be compared to Anderson’s.

“I agree (other people do it too. (James) has his own ways. It’s not just Kohli. I’m not saying that. But his language is pretty much the same. He would do things a different way) “Kohli’s way of being abusive a lot. He has a good range of abusive words. Which he uses. We don’t want to throw stones at this player or that player. Compton told Sportskeeda, “Otherwise we get into a big argument.”

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Anderson Said Indian Team Players Will Have to Give it back to England:

“The players of the Indian team have to give it back (to England). I am not saying that they should not be aggressive. think (Ravindra) Jadeja has him. I think you get a good mix within the team. There are different ways to be aggressive. Kohli could probably handle it in a more intelligent way without these humiliating duels. Sometimes the best way is to say nothing and go there and score a century.”

Compton believes that there is nothing wrong with some verbal duel though. But the line should not to be crossed. And especially Kohli because he is the captain. Who is a role model for many youngsters watching cricket across the world.

Andersen said we also need some theater and entertainment:

“I think we should continue this. Anderson said that We also need some theater and entertainment. We need characters in the game, Kohli is a character. He brings a lot to cricket. I like a player his one true. I am a fan. His leadership is very emotional sometimes. But I think he has brought a lot to cricket. Bringing in the characters is very important.You don’t want the match referee to say something every time. Otherwise, the game It becomes very governed. It becomes like naughty school kids in the playground. These are adults, these are international professional cricketers.

“A little joke, there’s definitely a place to use it. It has to be corrected.. Kohli should realize that he is an inspiration to other young players. Using abusive language, I don’t think it is. Is necessary.”

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