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Quinton de Kock apologises and resolves to kneel


Quinton de Kock Apologizes and Resolve to Kneel Twenty-eight cricketers have appeared in T20 World Cup matches since de Kock declined to play for South Africa against the West Indies in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday.

At least 66 of them have succumbed. It took 45 hours for de Kock to explain why he didn’t.

De Kock apologized on Thursday :-

In an ad on Thursday (28 October), de Kock apologises for his fuss, defended his indolence, inserted himself into the team – and said he would take a knee in the future. Here is his statement.

“I would like to begin by saying sorry to my teammates and Abhinandan for coming back home.

“I never wanted to make it a Quinton objective. So, I understand the importance of taking a stand against racism, and I also understand our responsibility as players to set an example.

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“If I kneel down to help educate others, and make the lives of others better, I am very happy to do so.

“I didn’t mean to ridicule anyone, in any way, by not playing against the West Indies, especially the West Indies team itself. Some people may not understand that we got charged with it on Tuesday morning, on the way to a game.

Quinton de Kock apologises and resolves to kneel

“I was silent on this very important doubt until now. But I guess I have to explain myself a little.

To me, black lives matter since :-

“For those who don’t know, I come from a joint-caste family. My half-sisters are colored and my step-mother is black. To me, black lives mattered since I was born. Just because Not that there was an international pace.

“The rights and equality of all people are more important than any individual. I was raised to understand that we all have hegemony, and they are important.

“I felt like my abilities were taken away when I was told what to do the way we were told.

“Since our conversation with the board last night, which was very emotional, I think we all have a better understanding of their resolve as well. I wish it was sooner because what happened on match day could have been avoided.

“I know I have a type to set. We were told earlier that we have the illusion of doing what we thought we wanted to do.

“I don’t understand why I had to prove it with an instruction when I learn from and love people from all walks of life every day. When you’re told what to do, without any reasoning, I felt That it takes away means if I were a racist, I could easily kneel down and lie, which is wrong and does not constitute a better society.

Quinton de Kock apologises and resolves to kneel

A lot is said as a cricketer :-

“As a cricketer, I get called a lot. Doff [retarded]. Stupid. Mean. Immature. But they didn’t hurt. Being called a racist because of confusion hurts me a lot.

“And I know I’m not big with words, but I’ve done my best to explain that I’m definitely sorry for making it like this is about me.

” When I won’t lie, I was shocked that we were told on the way to an important match that there was a command we had to follow with a supposed ‘or else’. I don’t think I was lonely.

“I love all my relatives, and I love nothing more than to play cricket for South Africa. I think it would have been great for all concerned if we could have sorted this out before the tournament starts.

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“I just want to thank my teammates for their consent, especially my captain Temba. People may not recognize him, but he is a unique leader.

“If that other team, and South Africa, I have, I would love nothing more than to play cricket for my country again.”

South Africa’s next match is against Sri Lanka in Sharjah on Saturday. Quinton de Kock is expected to be in the XI. And to kneel.

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