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Rohit Sharma: Cheteshwar Pujara never comes under team pressure


Rohit Sharma says Cheteshwar Pujara was not under pressure from the Indian dressing room. Pujara, coming with an average of 28 in the last two and a half years, played an unbeaten total of 91 runs. Because India tried to bounce back after being bowled out for a total of 78 on the first day. India ended the third day trailing 139 with eight wickets in hand.

Rohit Talks About Cheteshwar’s Quality:

When asked what kind of conversation he had with Cheteshwar Pujara as a senior player. Rohit said that “To be honest, there has been no talk about Cheteshwar Pujara’s batting.” “I think the conversation is only happening outside. There hasn’t been a single conversation with Pujara about his form inside the team dressing room. We know what quality he brings. We know his experience. When. If you happen to have a guy like that, I don’t think much discussion is needed.

“If you talk about his recent performances, I mean he didn’t even score runs. But we have seen a significant partnership between him and Ajinkya at Lord’s. Let’s not forget what he did in Australia. That was a crucial innings for us to win the historic Test series. In Australia we forget, our memories are a bit short.

Rohit Said What Cheteshwar has Done in all These Years:

“We need to think about what that player has done over the years. It is not about one or two innings or one or two series. It is about what he has done in his entire career. I understand the current form, but the current form doesn’t matter. There is a need to think.’

Cheteshwar Pujara and Rohit Sharma Face to Face:

Whenever Pujara offered a loose ball to England, Sharma was impressed with that ruthlessness. Especially at a time when Rohit Sharma himself scored runs at a strike rate of 37.82.

Sharma Said About Pujara That There Was an Intention in his Batting:

Sharma said of Pujara that “he definitely came with the intention of scoring runs.” “Our innings was never about surviving. Our intention was to score runs. And Pujara clearly showed. The way he got off the mark and then walked off. Anything loose, He was ready to bowl. Shows he had an intention in his batting. It really helps when you have that kind of intention. No loose delivery will be spared.

Pujara is a Very Disciplined Batsman :

“With Pujara we have seen that he is a very disciplined batsman. Yes there have been no late runs but that doesn’t mean Pujara’s quality has disappeared, the quality is always there. You must have seen today. The way he did Batted. Not the easiest position to bat in, when you are behind 300. The way he batted shows the character of the person. And also shows the mindset of a person. Someone who went everywhere and scored.”

However, Sharma was quick to point out that Pujara may have taken the heat off himself, he is still a huge owed to the team. Sharma said that “From his point of view, he batted really well, but the team’s work is not done yet.” “We have some important days to come. Hope he can still put his head down. And continue to bat the way he bats.”

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