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Shocking Salary of Virat, Anushka bodyguard

anushka bodygaurd

Sonu (Prakash Singh) is the bodyguard of Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma. Anushka Sharma pays him a hefty salary for his services.

Celebrities need a personal bodyguard to make sure no harm is done when they go out in public. Like other Bollywood stars, actress Anushka Sharma also has a personal bodyguard. Anushka’s bodyguard’s name is Sonu. And he has been with her for years. Sonu’s real name is Prakash Singh and according to reports.

Personal Bodyguards-

Bollywood stars enjoy a lot of popularity and are often surrounded by their fans when they step out in public. This is one of the main reasons why Bollywood stars prefer to have their personal bodyguards and spend huge amounts of money when it comes to their security.

Sonu is already with Anushka before her marriage.

According to

Sonu’s annual salary is around Rs 1.2 crore. It is undoubtedly more than the annual CTC of CEOs of many companies.

Anushka celebrated Sonu’s birthday-

However, Sonu is not just a bodyguard for Anushka and Kohli, as the couple treats them as family members. Anushka celebrates the birthday of Prakash Singh aka Sonu every year. Anushka celebrated Sonu’s birthday on the sets of ‘Zero’ while she was shooting for the film with Shah Rukh Khan.

Sonu Providing Foolproof Protection-

During Anushka’s pregnancy, Sonu was responsible for providing foolproof protection to the actress and did her job. While Anushka was pregnant and working, moving in and out of her vanity van amid the pandemic. Sonu was seen wearing PPE kits by her side, shielding her like a shield.

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