Hazlewood’s influence on Ollie Robinson is clearly over. Earlier this summer, he was asked which fast bowlers he looks up to. And her first name was her former partner with Glenn McGrath. It is easy to see why. While Ollie Robinson may not yet claim to be in the same class as Hazlewood, they operate in a similar way; Tall, precise and skilful though the Aussie has got Ollie Robinson covered for speed.

“They’re very similar bowlers.” Jackson says that “He throws a good line. Right behind a length, really challenges the batsman. He can also bowl long spells if needed.”

In late October 2017, St George’s District Cricket Club traveled to the Rabby Road ground in Campbelltown-Camden for a two-day first-class game in New South Wales Premier Cricket. After making a disappointing score with the bat, St George needed a good start with the ball to improve. On paper, they had the equipment to do so. Australian international Josh Hazlewood was opening the bowling from one end.

And at the other end was Sussex’s Ollie Robinson, playing his first match for the club that winter. Except things didn’t quite work out as they expected. St. George’s club coach Peter Jackson laughs that “he didn’t take a wicket between them. And we were absolutely broke.”

Ollie Robinson Drew a lot From the Experience:

The only time the game was against Campbelltown-Camden. When the pair actually played together that winter and it wasn’t a game like that. Which will either be fondly remembered. Ollie Pope, who could return for England at the Oval, scored a big century for the home side in a comprehensive victory.

Still, Ollie Robinson took a lot out of the experience. Hazlewood presented him with his St. George hat on the first morning of the game. And they sat together for most of the first day and talked about cricket. Jackson describes “how outspoken he was. How independent Josh was with information and how grounded Josh was as an international player.”

Jackson is Now the Coach of the Under-16 Team at St. George :

Jackson is now the coach of the under-16 team at St. George. And using Ollie Robinson’s video as an example of what his young bowlers should try to emulate. “The way he goes about it. Way of dismissal, it’s either caught in the hoop. Bowling or lbw, and he really challenges the batsman in those three areas.”

Ollie Robinson Stayed with his Girlfriend Lauren in one of Their Empty Rooms:

With all of Jackson’s daughters out or traveling, Ollie Robinson stayed with his girlfriend Laura in one of his empty rooms. As well as the cricketing aspect of the trip, the pair made a few trips around Australia, although they both really struggled with the heat, which was very hot.

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