David Warner claims Cricket Australia’s decision to offer Justin Langer only a six-month contract was a “kick in the face” after the coach lost several key players in the squad.

Langer has made his frustration clear –

Langer’s departure at the end of last summer came after Cricket Australia raised concerns over the coach’s intensity at the end of his initial four-year deal. He was offered a new six-month contract with no chance of an extension, which he promptly rejected and resigned.

Warner claims decision to only give Justin Langer a six-month contract was a “kick in the face”

Langer has since made his frustration over the situation clear. Speaking in several interviews and columns ahead of the start of the Test summer.

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David Warner’s Comments –

His comments followed Tim Paine, in his autobiography, also labeling the shortened contract “disgraceful”, “unprofessional” and “a disgrace”, claiming CA had taken the easy way out by not accepting Langer.

In the documentary, Warner said – “He wanted to keep coaching. It was a bit difficult to offer him a six-month contract.”