The story went on for as long as there was Testing cricket and another interesting part was added to it at Sabina Park. West Indies’ Kemar has never been in such a situation before and West Indies got a target of 168 runs to win.

Shaheen Afridi and Hasan Ali went on the run

In which he ended up injured and barely standing in front of Pakistan, and especially Shaheen Afridi and Hasan Ali went into the running.
A match that was thrown into disarray and swept away, forever refusing to reveal a clear winner, came to an incredible climax. One team needed 17 runs. While the other needed a wicket. Anything was possible.

After the game, 13-year-old businessman Kemar Roach said, ‘I have never been in such a situation before while batting with the tail. “I am part of the tail, so for me, it was to go out there and have someone to believe in. That West Indies Kemar has never been in a situation like this before, it was the biggest thing – to believe and be optimistic – and it worked, And I thank you.”

West Indies’ Kemar has never been in such a situation before

Kemar Roach’s power of will converted into 30 not-out, match-winning runs. His experience shepherded the 19-year-old Seals, who had already declared he was ready for the big stage with his 5 for 55 on Saturday, in the middle of a last-wicket partnership that ended with four high-rise runs. Won’t break even across – Control over.

He is a star for the future

“The plan was just to be optimistic. That’s me,” Kemar Roach said. “I was just trying to take every ball. It’s the most important innings ever. I was just trying to pick the distance and work hard. My advice to Jayden was just to protect the stumps. The biggest threat is the straight ball. Which he did very well. He is a star for the future. His five wickets are the unique thing about our cricket today. Good luck to him, and I wish him a wonderful career.”

Seals’ contribution to West Indies’ victory – eight wickets and an equally important two runs off 13 balls – earned him the man of the match award, which also left him mute. “Test cricket has been a dream come true for me,” he finally succeeded as he picked up his award and walked away to the present.

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While it was up to their captain to come up with some good words, however, it was down to him to come up with a decent total in the first innings. Craig Brathwaite’s 97 off 221 balls was the highest personal score in all four innings of a very tight game. He said, ‘We have never lost hope.

He who has more patience will come to the top

“It was really amazing. I thought Pakistan bowled really well. It’s about endurance – whoever has more endurance will come to the top.”
Last week, West Indies coach Phil Simmons lashed out at his batsmen demanding more runs from his batsmen, even though he rarely said anything bad about his bowlers. And finally, with the lights fading and tensions rising, he was the one who stood up to be counted again.