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ENG vs PAK 1st T20I Dream11 Team Prediction, Pitch Report, Playing XI, Players data

ECS T10 Vienna (30)

Pakistan tour of England 2021 – 1st T20I (T20I Series) ENG vs PAK the match is all set to take place at Trent Bridge, Nottingham.

Preveiw –

Pakistan will have to decide on Sharjeel Khan’s opening partner. In the last T20I they played, Mohammad Rizwan opened and Fakhar Zaman batted at No. 4. Rizwan has taken a liking to open the batting and it’s likely he’ll be persisted with. The hosts could try out Lewis Gregory and Saqib Mahmood after their impressive performances in the ODI series.

Pitch Report –

In the opening T20 Blast game this year at the venue, Warwickshire hammered 229 against the hosts. Since then, however, the scores have hovered in the range of 150-190 if rain has played a part in shortening the contest. The batsmen can expect an easier outing with the rain also likely to stay away.

  • Bat 1st Winning Chances – 54.55%
  • Highest Score Chased – 173
  • Bat 1st Average Score – 154
  • Wicket Split – (Pace – 53.33%), (Spin – 46.67)

Probable Playing XI –


1 Jason Roy, 2 Jos Buttler (wk), 3 Dawid Malan 4 Jonny Bairstow, 5 Eoin Morgan, 6 Liam Livingstone, 7 Lewis Gregory/Moeen Ali, 8 David Willey, 9 Chris Jordan, 10 Adil Rashid, 11 Saqib Mahmood/Tom Curran


1 Mohammad Rizwan (wk) 2 Babar Azam (capt) 3 Sharjeel Khan/Fakhar Zaman 4 Sohaib Maqsood 5 Mohammad Hafeez 6 Faheem Ashraf 7 Shadab Khan 8 Hasan Ali 9 Haris Rauf 10 Mohammad Hasnain/Usman Qadir 11 Shaheen Shah Afridi

Player Stats – Career, Vs Team, Recent form

The player stats may help you create teams better in Dream11 or any other Platform.

England –

Jason Roy (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-45, R-1087, Hs-78, Ave-24.15, Sr-141
  • H2H – Mat-4, R-59, Hs-29, Ave-14, Sr-120
  • Recent Form (All Format) Mat-9 – 60R, 17R, 36R, 0R, 64R, 30R, 45R, 68R, 14R

Josh Buttler (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-80, R-1791, Hs-83*, Ave-31, Sr-140
  • H2H – Mat-6, R-68, Hs-33, Ave-11, Sr-104
  • Recent Form – (All Format) – Mat-10 Runs – 68*R, 0R, 20R, 55R, 22R, 30R, 124R, 41R, 5R, 8R

Dawid Malan (LHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-27, R-1090, Hs-103*, Ave-47.39, Sr-143
  • H2H – Mat-3, R-84, Hs-54*, Ave-42, Sr-125
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 0R, 0R, 68*R, 76R, 4R, 7R, 2R, 6R, 10R, 23R

Jonathan Bairstow (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-52, R-1114, Hs-86*, Ave-29, Sr-137
  • H2H – Mat-6, R131, Hs-60*, Ave-32, Sr-123
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-9 – 29R, 43R, 51R, 0R, 13R*, 112R, 82R, 67R, 34R

Eoin Morgan (LHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-105, R-2323, Hs-91, Ave-29.03, Sr-138
  • H2H – Mat-15, R-390, Hs-67, Ave-39, Sr-138
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-8, Runs – 75*, 6, 1, 11, 33, 38, 3, 27

Liam Livingston (RHB, RAOB)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-5, R-59, Hs-29*, Ave-19, Sr-107
  • Bowling – Mat-5, Wkt-2, Eco-5.40, Sr-15
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10, 9R, 14R,1w, 29R,0w, 1w, 65R,1w, 45R,0w, 25R,0w, 25R,1w, 94R*,1w, 17R&14R,0w

Lewis Gregory (RHB, RAMF)

  • Career T20I (Bat) Mat-8, R-35, hs-15, Ave-7, Sr-116
  • Bowling – Mat-8, Wkt-1, Sr-66, Eco-8.36
  • H2H – Mat-3, Wkt-0 R-14, Hs-12, Ave-7, Sr-127
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10, 77R,0w, 40R,3w, 1w, 5w, 0R,0w, 0R,4w, 1R,3w, 0w, 13R,0w, 2R,0w

Moeen Ali (LHB, RAOB)

  • Career T20IBat – Mat-35, R-399, Hs-72, Ave-16, Sr-133
  • Bowling – Mat-35, Wkt-18, Eco-8.53, Sr-24.70
  • H2H – Mat-6, R-83, Wkt-3, Eco-7, Hs-63, Ave-16, Sr-129
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-8, (28R,1w), (7R,1w), (39R), (9R), (52R,2w), (6R,2w), (34R), (32R)

David Willey (LHB, LAFM)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-30, R-166, Hs-29*, Ave-13, Sr-131
  • Bowling – Mat-30, Wkt-37, Eco-21, Sr-16
  • H2H – Mat-4, R-19, Hs-12, Ave-9, Sr-100 (Wkt-3, Eco-9, Sr-26
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 2w, 4w, 3w, 3w, 0w, 9R*,2w, 44R,3w, 4*,0w, 8*R, 2w&3w

Chris Jordan (RHB, RHFM)

  • Career T20I – (Bat) – Mat-63, R268, Hs-36, Ave-14.63, Sr-131
  • Bowling – Mat-63, Wkt73, Eco-8.71, Sr-18.30
  • H2H – Mat-7, R-3, Hs-2*, Wkt-4, Eco-9
  • Recent Form (All Format) Mat-10, 0R,3w, 0w, 8*R,1w, 1w, 1, 0w, 1w, 0w, 24R*,2w, 16w,3w

Adil Rashid (RHB, LEGB)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-60, R-56, Hs-9*, Ave-7, Sr-81
  • Bowling – Mat-60, Wkt-59, Eco-7.45, Sr-20
  • H2H – Mat-9, R-6, Hs-3*, Sr-120, Wkt-6, Eco-7, Bwl,Sr-27
  • Recent Form (All Fromat) – Mat-10 – 1w, 0w, 0w, 0w, 2w, 2w, 3w, 0w, 1w, 0w

Saqib Mahmood (RHB, RAFM)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-6, R-7, Hs-4, Ave-7, Sr-100
  • Bowling – Mat-6, Wkt-3, Eco-10, Sr-36
  • H2H – Mat-3, Wkt-0, Eco-9.37, Sr- —
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 3w, 8R,2w, 4w, 1w, 4w, 2w, 1w, 4R&12R,3w, 0,1w, 9R,3w

Tom Curran (RHB, RAMF)

  • Career T20I(Bat) Mat-28, R-54, Hs-14*, Ave-13.50, Sr-114
  • Bowling – Mat-28, Wkt-26, Eco-9.31, Sr-20
  • H2H – Mat-4, Wkt-3, Eco-8.83, Sr-24
  • Recent Form (All Format) Mat-10 4w, 0w, 1w, 2w, 25R,0w, 26R,1w, 21R,0w, 1w, 2w

Jake Ball (RHB, RAFM)

  • Career T20I(Bwl) Mat-2, Wkt-2, Eco-11, Sr-21
  • Recent Form (All Format), Mat-10, (4w), (2w), (1w), (18*,1w), (3w), (0*,1w), (2w), (1w), (3w), (5R,0w)

Tom Banton (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-9, R-205, Hs-71, Ave-22, Sr-143
  • H2H – Mat-3, R-137, Hs-71, Ave-46, Sr-153
  • Recent Form (All format) – Mat-10 Runs – 19R, 107*R, 77R, 5R, 9R, 1R, 18R, 38R, 45R&51R, 38R

Matt Parkinson (RHB, LEGB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-2, Wkt-5, Eco-10, Sr-7
  • Recent Form (All Fromat) – Mat-9 – 1w, 7*R,2w, 2w, 1w, 1w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 2w

Pakistan –

Mohammad Rizwan (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-36, R-843, Hs-104*, Ave-44, Sr-127
  • H2H – Mat-5, R-30, Hs-24, Ave-15, Sr-93
  • Recent Form (All Fromat) Mat-10 – 74R, 5R, 13R, 30R, 0R, 26R, 15R, 21R, 82*R, 29R

Babar Azam (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-54, R-2035, Hs-122, Ave-47, Sr-129
  • H2H – Mat-5m R-157, Hs-65, Ave-52, Sr-136
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 158R, 19R, 0R, 53R, 23R, 54R, 0R, 81R, 85*R, 2R

Sharjeel Khan (LHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-17, R-386, Hs-59, Ave-22, Sr-133
  • H2H – Mat-1, R-59, Hs-59, Ave-59, Sr-163
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 26R, 45R, 13R, 25R, 25R, 4R, 18R, 8R, 0R, 64R

Fakhar Zaman (LHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-46, R-948, Hs-91, Ave-22, Sr-135
  • H2H – Mat-4, R-44, Hs-36, Ave-14, Sr-141
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 6R, 47R, 13R, 19R, 22R, 44R, 1R, 9R, 0R

Sohaib Maqsood (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-29, R-781, Hs-89*, Ave-30, Sr-83
  • H2H – Mat-3, R-46, Hs-19, Ave-15, Sr-85
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 8R, 19R, 19R, 65*R, 59R, 12R, 60R, 5R, 61R, 31R

Mohammad Hafeez (RHB, RAOB)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-106, R-2388, Hs-99*, Ave-27, Sr-120
  • Bowling – Mat- 106, Wkt-55, Eco-6.55, Sr-21
  • H2H – Mat-12, R-289, Hs-86*, Ave-28, Sr-127 (Wkt-3, Eco-6, 30)
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-14R, 36R,1w, 1R,1w, 8R, 2R, 29R, 8R, 0R, 5R, 5R,1w

Faheem Ashraf (LHB, RAM)

  • Career T20I (Bat) Mat-42, R-259, Hs-31, Ave-11, Sr-128
  • Bowling – Mat-42, Wkt-35, Eco-7,Sr-20
  • H2H – Mat-1, R-17,Hs-17, Ave-17, Sr-170
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 10R, 1R, 5R, 1R, 0R,2w, 2w, 27R,1w, 6*R,1w, 0w, 0w

Shadab Khan (RHB, LEGB)

  • Career T20I (BAT) Mat-46, R-183, Hs-42, Ave-14, Sr-124
  • Bowling – Mat-46, Wkt-53, Eco-7.28, Sr-18
  • H2H – Mat-3, R-15, Hs-15, Ave-15, Ave-136
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 0R,2w, 21R,1w, 30R,0w, 15R,0w, 0R,2w, 35R,1w, 0w, 5R2w, 1w, 7R,1w

Hasan Ali (RHB, RAMF)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-36, R-104, Hs-23, Ave-17, Sr-196
  • Bowling – Mat-36, Wkt-48, Eco-8.40, Sr-15
  • H2H – Mat-2, Wkt-3, Eco-8, Sr-16
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 4R,1w, 31R,5w, 6R,0w, 45R,0w, 10R,0w, 1w, 1w, 2w, 14R,2w, 6R,2w

Haris Rauf (RHB,RAF)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-19, R-6, Hs-6, Ave-6, Sr-100
  • Bowling – Mat-19, Wkt-25, Eco-8, Sr-16
  • H2H – Mat-3, Wkt-3, Eco-9, Sr-22
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 0R,4w, 1R,2w, 0*R,0w, 1R,1w, 0w, 19R, 17R,2w, 1w, 2w, 2w

Mohammad Hasnain (RHB, RAF)

  • Career T20I – Mat-14, Wkt-13, Eco-7, Sr-24
  • H2H – Mat-1, Wkt-0, Eco-7.25
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 1*R,0w, 2w, 0R,1w, 0*R,1, 0*R,2w, 2w, 0*R,1w, 12R,1w, 1w

Usman Qadir (LHB, LEGB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-11, Wkt-18, Eco-7, Sr-12
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 4*2w, 0w, 0R,1w, 2*R,3w, 4R,2w, 0w, 1w, 0w, 1w, 1w

Shaheen Shah Afridi (LHB,LAF)

  • Career T20I – Mat-25, Wkt-27, Eco-7.93, Sr-20
  • H2H – Mat-4, Wkt-3, Eco-8.88, Sr-26
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 0R,0w, 18*R,1w, 12R,1w, 2R,3w, 0*R,1w, 0R,2w, 12R,0w, 0R,2w, 0*R,0w, 1w, 1w&5w

Imad Wasim (LHB,SLAO)

  • Career T20I (bat) Mat-49, R-302, Hs-47, Ave-13, Sr-145
  • Bowling – Mat-49, Wkt-47, Eco-6.22, Sr-21
  • H2H – Mat-5, R-24, Hs-18*, Sr-141
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 16R,0w, 3R,0w, 30*R,1w, 19,2w, 0w, 0R,1w, 0w, 0R, 1w, 1w

Sarfaraz Ahmed (RHB)

  • Career T20I – Mat-60, R-812, Hs-89*, Ave-28, Sr-126
  • H2H – Mat-7, R-25, Hs-19, Ave-8, Sr-125
  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 51*R, 13R, 34*, 36*, 2R, 13R, 3R, 54R, 81R

Arshad Iqbal (RHB, RAMF)

  • Career T20I – Mat-1, Wkt-1. Eco-4. Sr-24
  • Recent Form (ALL Format) – Mat-10 – 0w, 2w, 02, 02, 0R,1w, 0w, 0R,0w, 2w, 1w, 3w

Mohammad Wasim Jr (RHB, RHM)

  • Recent Form (All Fromat) – Mat-10 – 17*R,1w, 13R,0w, 0*R,4w, 1w, 4*R,0w, 2w, 10*R,0w, 0w, 1R,1w, 0w

Mohammad Nawaz (LHB,SLAO)

  • Career T20I (Bat) – Mat-24, R-70, Hs-25, Ave-11, Sr-100
  • Bowling – Mat-24, Wkt-20, Eco-7, Sr-7.06
  • Recent Form (All Fromat) – Mat-10 – 10R,1w, 6R,2w, 0R,2w, 4R,0w, 9R,0w, 25*R,0w, 2w, 2R,0w, 0R,2w, 4R,3w

Azam Khan (RHB)

  • Recent Form (All Format) – Mat-10 – 15R, 2R, 33R, 0R, 26R, 17R, 4R, 47R, 13R, 17R

H2H – ENG vs PAK

  • Total matches played – 18
  • ENG won – 11
  • PAK won – 5
  • Tie – 1
  • England won 1 T20I out of 2 in this ground

C & VC Selection – ENG vs PAK

  • Safe Option – Jos Buttler, Babar Azam
  • Risky Options – Jason Roy, Dawid Malan, Chris Jordan, Mohammad Rizwan, Hasan Ali

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