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ENG-XI vs BEL Dream 11 Prediction Today with Playing XI, Pitch Report & Players Stats


ECC-T10, Championship 2021England-XI will take on Belgiumin Championship Week – Qualifier 1 of the European Championships at Cartama Oval, Cartama in Malaga. On Friday8 October 2021. European Championship, 2021 Championships let’s see which team will win today. Matches will start today at 2:30 PM.


England XI is 1st position in this championship they played matches and wonmatches and lost 1Belgium are in Group C in the series and have played 8 matches and won matches and Belgium XI lost 1 matches, and currently occupies the First-tier in the list is on the table toppers of Group C.

On the other hand, Belgium is in second place in this championship so far and has played matches and won matches, lost 2, while are in Group A in the series and have played 8 matches and won 5 matches and lost 3 matches. He is ranked first in the list of table-toppers in Group A.

Pitch Report – ENG-XI vs BEL

At the surface of the European ChampionshipsCartama Oval, this ground in Cartama provides more support to the batsmen. So the team winning the toss would prefer to bat first as the pitch is very good for the batsmen and if the batting is good then this match can be high scoring and thrilling match. And if we talk about the ball, here the new ball can also help the bowlers well.

Probable Playing XI – ENG-XI vs BEL

England-XI Playing XI:-

  • Harrison Ward – Mat-16, Runs-512, Aver-39.38, Strike-268.06
  • Dan Lincoln – Mat-17, Runs-482, Aver-37.07, Strike-228.48
  • Tom Bevan – Mat-16, Runs-261, Aver-32.62, Strike-255.88
  • Andy Rishton – Mat-17, Runs-190, Aver-27.14, Strike-193.87
  • Alex Mellor – Mat-16, Runs-294, Aver-42.00, Strike-167.04
  • Sam Pearce – Mat-16, Runs-53, Wkt-21
  • Luke Webb – Mat-12, Runs-63, Aver-15.75, Strike-157.50
  • Zaman Akhter – Mat-14, Runs-1, Wkt-12
  • Arthur Godsal – Mat-15, Wkt-15
  • Rich Edwards – Mat-16, Wkt-18
  • Alex Russell – Mat-12, Wkt-18

Belgium Playing XI :-

  • Muneeb Muhammad – Mat-13, Runs-154, Aver-12.83, Strike-181.17
  • Aziz Mohammad – Mat-13, Runs-348, Wkt-6
  • Ali Raza – Mat-17, Runs-375, Aver-26.78, Strike-200.53
  • Sherry Butt – Mat-7, Runs-103, Aver-25.75, Strike-219.14
  • Sheikh Sheraz – Mat-17, Runs-150, Wkt-2
  • Saber Zakhil – Mat-16, Runs-298, Wkt-7
  • Waqas Raja – Mat-6, Runs-27, Wkt-8
  • Khalid Ahmadzai – Mat-7, Runs-18, Wkt-6
  • Murid Ekrami – Mat-15, Runs-53, Wkt-10
  • Adnan Razzaq – Mat-14, Runs-1, Wkt-13
  • Fahim Bhatti – Mat-13, Wkt-10

Best Performens:- ENG-XI vs BEL

(ENG-XI) – Harrison Ward – A Left-Handed batsman, Harrison Ward has played 16 matches in this series so far in which he has scored 512 runs, his batting average is 39.38, and strike 268.06.

(ENG-XI) – Dan Lincoln – A Right-Handed batsman, and Right-Arm Medium bowler, Dan Lincoln has played 17 matches in this series so far in which he has scored 482 runs, his batting average is 37.07, and He has taken 228.48 strikes.

(BEL) – Ali Raza –  A Right-Handed batsman and Right-Arm Slow bowler, Ali Raza has played 17 matches in this series so far in which he has scored 375 runs, his batting average is 26.78, and he has also taken 200.53 strikes.

(BEL) – Aziz Mohammad A Right-Handed batsman and  Right-Arm Fast Medium bowler, Aziz Mohammad has played 13 matches in this series so far in which he has scored 348 runs, his batting average is 25.33, and he has also taken 6 wickets and his bowling average is more than 29.66.

Most Picks Players:- ENG-XI vs BEL

S Pearce(Mat-16, Runs-53, Wkt-21)840
S Zakhil(Mat-16, Runs-298, Wkt-7)762
H Ward(Mat-16, Runs-512, Aver-39.38, Strike-268.06)906
R Edwards(Mat-16, Wkt-18)630
D Lincoln(Mat-17, Runs-482, Aver-37.07, Strike-228.48)971

C & VC Selection :- ENG-XI vs BEL

Safe Option :-

  • Andy Rishton
  • Alex Mellor
  • Saber Zakhil

Risky Option :-

  • Sherry Butt
  • Tom Bevan
  • Muneeb Muhammad

Sunggested XI :-  ENG-XI vs BEL

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