Oman vs Namibia, 4th T20I: Dream11 Prediction and Team Picks (OMN vs NAM Dream11 Team)

Sarita Dey
2 months ago

The Namibia tour of Oman concludes with a thrilling 4th T20I today at the Al Amerat Cricket Ground (Ministry Turf 1). Here’s your comprehensive Dream11 prediction guide to help you select a winning team:

Venue Data:

  • Al Amerat Cricket Ground is known for its batting-friendly pitches, favoring batsmen who can score big runs.
  • Expect high scores and bowlers to struggle for wickets in the initial overs.
  • Total Match Played: 87
  • Batting First Won: 37
  • Batting Second Won: 49
  • Avg. Score in 1st bat: 149

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Team Head-to-Head (H2H) Data:

  • Limited data available for H2H between these teams in T20Is.
  • Look at recent form and individual player performances for both Oman and Namibia.
  • Total Match Played: 03
  • OMN Won- 02
  • NAM Won– 01
  • Tie- 00

Player Data Analysis:


  • Aqib Ilyas (c): A consistent performer with both bat and ball. He averages 61 fantasy points in the last 10 games and has a good record against Oman, taking 4 wickets in recent matches. (Must Pick)
  • Malan Kruger: Scored a brilliant 104 fantasy points while chasing in the 2nd T20I. Has been in good touch throughout the series. (Safe Captain Option)
  • David Wiese: An experienced all-rounder known for his explosive batting and wicket-taking abilities. Look at his recent form to decide on his inclusion.
  • Zeeshan Maqsood: A dependable middle-order batsman with a knack for scoring crucial runs. Averaged 32 fantasy points in the last 5 T20Is. (Safe Vice-Captain Option)
  • Fayyaz Butt: A wicket-taking pacer who can exploit the new ball on a batting-friendly pitch. Analyze his performance in the previous matches.


  • Kashyap Prajapati: Oman’s top scorer in the series so far. He has been consistent with the bat, averaging 46 fantasy points in the last 5 T20Is. (Must Pick)
  • Gerhard Erasmus (c): A solid all-rounder who contributes with both bat and captaincy. His leadership can be valuable in Dream11.
  • Zane Green (wk): A reliable wicket-keeper batsman who can provide decent fantasy points with both his batting and keeping skills.
  • Bilal Khan: Oman’s leading pacer with experience. His wicket-taking ability can be crucial on a batting-friendly pitch.
  • Ruben Trumpelmann: Another good pace option, especially if the pitch offers bounce later in the innings.

Pitch Report:

  • Expect a batting-paradise pitch with a short boundary.
  • Spinners might not be as effective as pacers who can swing the new ball.

Safe Captain (C) & Vice-Captain (VC) Options:

  • Captain: Malan Kruger (Good recent form, potential for high fantasy points)
  • Vice-Captain: Zeeshan Maqsood (Consistent performer, reliable middle-order batsman)

Must-Pick Players:

  • Aqib Ilyas (All-rounder, consistent fantasy points scorer)
  • Kashyap Prajapati (Top scorer for Oman, good recent form)

Final Thoughts:

With a batting-friendly pitch, prioritize batsmen in good form and all-rounders who can contribute with both bat and ball. Pace bowlers who can swing the new ball or exploit bounce later could be valuable picks. Keep an eye on weather conditions that might affect the pitch behavior.

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Probable Playing XI – OMN vs NAM

Oman (OMN)

Naseem Khushi

  • (On Going) –  M-1, Inn-1, R-66, Ave-66, Sr-165
  • Recent Form All – (66), (DNB), (1), (1), (DNB)
  • H2H Bat – M-1, Inn-1, R-66, Ave-66, Sr-165
  • Venue Bat –  M-23, Inn-14, R-213, Ave-18, Sr-138
  • Stats T20i– M-41, Inn-29, R-448, Ave-17, Sr-139

Jatinder Singh

  • (On Going) –  M-1, Inn-1, R-7, Ave-7, Sr-64
  • Recent Form All – (7), (7), (4*), (3), (4), (11)
  • H2H Bat – M-2, Inn-2, R-7, Ave-3, Sr-58
  • Venue Bat –  M-23, Inn-23, R-569, Ave-28, Sr-124
  • Stats T20i– M-51, Inn-1, R-1085, Ave-25.06, Sr-116

Aqib Ilyas (c

  • (On Going) –  M-3, Inn-3, R-68, Ave-34, Sr-126 | Inn-3, W-3, Sr-20
  • Recent Form All –(26*+2W), (23+0W), (19+1W), (18+2W), (28+0W), (0+0W), (6+2W), (33+2W)
  • H2H Bat – M-4, Inn-4, R-86, Ave-29, Sr-121
  • H2H Bowl – M-4, Inn-4, W-4, Sr-16
  • Venue Bat –  M-13, Inn-13, R-285, Ave-26, Sr-112
  • Venue Bowl – M-13, Inn-9, W-5, Sr-33
  • Stats T20i– M-41, Inn-40, R-926, Ave-27, Sr-125.07 | Inn-23, W-22, Sr-19

Ayaan Khan 

  • (On Going) –  M-3, Inn-3, R-29, Ave-29, Sr-88
  • Recent Form All – (2*+0W), (22*), (5), (13+0W), (22*+0W), (3), (35+1W), (53*+2W)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-3, R-29, Ave-29, Sr-88
  • H2H Bowl – NA
  • Venue Bat –  M-16, Inn-14, R-175, Ave-16, Sr-100
  • Venue Bowl – M-16, Inn-10, W-2, Sr-57
  • Stats T20i– M-28, Inn-25, R-416, Ave-20, Sr-109 | Inn-19, W-6, Sr-42

Khalid Kail

  • (On Going) –  M-3, Inn-2, R-6, Ave-3, Sr-60
  • Recent Form All –(DNB), (5), (1),  (32*), (55), (1), (42), (19)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-2, R-6, Ave-3, Sr-60
  • Venue Bat –  M-6, Inn-5, R-94, Ave-23, Sr-102
  • Stats T20i– M-6, Inn-5, R-94, Ave-23, Sr-102


  • (On Going) –  M-3, Inn-2, R-17, Ave-8, Sr-142
  • Recent Form All –(0W), (15+0W), (2+0W),  (11*), (14+0W), (8), (28*+1W), (DNB)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-2, R-17, Ave-8, Sr-142
  • H2H Bowl – NA
  • Venue Bat –  M-13, Inn-10, R-137, Ave-15, Sr-199
  • Venue Bowl – M-13, Inn-11, W-10, Sr-16
  • Stats T20i– M-19, Inn-15, R-211, Ave-15, Sr-180 | Inn-15, W-12, Sr-18

Sandeep Goud

  • (On Going) –  M-1, Inn-1, R-0
  • Recent Form All – (DNB), (9+0W), (7), (2), (DNB), (5)
  • H2H Bat – M-2, Inn-1, R-5, Ave-5.00, Sr-62.50
  • H2H Bowl – NA
  • Venue Bat –  M-17, Inn-11, R-103, Ave-20.60, Sr-114.44
  • Venue Bowl – M-17, Inn-7, W-4, Sr-19.5
  • Stats T20i– M-27, Inn-16, R-142, Ave-14.20, Sr-100.00 | Inn-7, W-4, Sr-19.5

Mohammad Nadeem

  • (On Going) –  M-2, Inn-2, R-3, Sr-10
  • Recent Form All – (2W), (2*+1W), (13+0W), (24*), (DNB)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-2, R-2, Ave-2, Sr-25
  • H2H Bowl – M-3, Inn-3, W-4, Sr-13
  • Venue Bat –  M-23, Inn-14, R-295, Ave-29, Sr-116
  • Venue Bowl – M-23, Inn-23, W-14, Sr-25
  • Stats T20i– M-49, Inn-33, R-451, Ave-19, Sr-113| Inn-44, W-30, Sr-24

Samay Shrivastav

  • (On Going) –  M-1, Inn-1, W-1, Sr-12
  • Recent Form All –(1W), (3+1W), (3+2W), (9+2W), (0+0W)
  • H2H Bat – NA
  • H2H Bowl – M-1, Inn-1, W-1, Sr-12.0
  • Venue Bat –  M-5, Inn-1, R-22, Sr-200.00
  • Venue Bowl – M-5, Inn-5, W-6, Sr-7
  • Stats T20i– M-5, Inn-1, R-22, Sr-200.00 | Inn-5, W-6, Sr-12.0

Fayyaz Butt

  • (On Going) –  M-3, Inn-3, W-7, Sr-10
  • Recent Form All – (2W), (2W), (10*+3W), (1+0W), (1W), (2W), (1W), (1W)
  • H2H Bowl – M-4, Inn-4, W-8, Sr-12
  • Venue Bowl – M-17, Inn-17, W-16, Sr-8
  • Stats T20i– M-36, Inn-36, W-40, Sr-18


  • (On Going) –  M-2, Inn-2, W-2, Sr-24
  • Recent Form All –(1W), (1W),  (1W), (0W), (2W), (5+0W), (1W)
  • H2H Bowl – M-2, Inn-2, W-2, Sr-24
  • Venue Bowl – M-19, Inn-19, W-17, Sr-21.2
  • Stats T20i– M-30, Inn-30, W-24, Sr-23.7


Bilal Khan

  • (On Going) –  M-1, Inn-1, R-1, Sr-50
  • Recent Form All –(1*+0W), (1W), (1W), (2W), (2+0W), (3W)
  • H2H Bowl – M-2, Inn-2, W-4, Sr-11
  • Venue Bowl – M-28, Inn-28, W-32, Sr-18.0
  • Stats T20i– M-68, Inn-67, W-96, Sr-15.1

Mehran Khan

  • (On Going) –  M-2, Inn-2, W-5, Sr-9
  • Recent Form All –(0+3W), (4+2W), (19+1W), (2+1W), (10+0W), (0+2W)
  • H2H Bowl –  M-2, Inn-2, W-5, Sr-9
  • Venue Bat –  M-8, Inn-6, R-33, Ave-5, Sr-94
  • Venue Bowl – M-8, Inn-4, W-7, Sr-13
  • Stats T20i– M-34, Inn-27, R-251, Ave-11, Sr-114 | Inn-22, W-22, Sr-17

Pratik Athavale (WK)

  • (On Going) –  M-2, Inn-2, R-53, Ave-26, Sr-143
  • Recent Form All – (38), (15), (1), (14), (5), (29), (7)
  • H2H Bat – M-2, Inn-2, R-53, Ave-26, Sr-143
  • Venue Bat –  M-4, Inn-4, R-68, Ave-17, Sr-128
  • Stats T20i– M-9, Inn-9, R-203, Ave-25.00, Sr-121


JP Kotze

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-34, Ave-11, Sr-87
  • Recent Form All –(18), (0), (16), (26), (9), (21*), (10), (11)
  • H2H Bat – M-4, Inn-4, R-38, Ave-9, Sr-82
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-34, Ave-11, Sr-87
  • Stats T20i– M-36, Inn-33, R-569, Ave-20.57, Sr-112

Malan Kruger

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-18, Ave-6, Sr-67
  • Recent Form All –(2), (8), (8), (22), (21), (14), (15), (46)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-3, R-18, Ave-6, Sr-67
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-18, Ave-6, Sr-67
  • Stats T20i– M-10, Inn-10, R-157, Ave-17, Sr-104

Gerhard Erasmus (c)

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-76, Ave-25, Sr-96 | Inn- 2, W-4, Sr-10
  • Recent Form All – (15), (58+3W), (3+1W), (12+3W), (52+1W), (13+3W), (8+5W), (0W)
  • H2H Bat – M-4, Inn-4, R-91, Ave-23, Sr-95
  • H2H Bowl – M-4, Inn-3, W-7, Sr-9
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-76, Ave-25, Sr-96
  • Venue Bowl – Inn- 2, W-4, Sr-10
  • Stats T20i– M-55, Inn-53, R-1270, Ave-32, Sr-121 | Inn-34, W-39, Sr-16.3

Jan Frylinck 

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-25, Ave-8, Sr-67
  • Recent Form All – (22), (0), (3), (5), (37+0W), (42+1W), (5+2W), (34+3W)
  • H2H Bat – M-4, Inn-4, R-28, Sr-70
  • H2H Bowl – M-4, Inn-2, W-1, Sr-31
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-25, Ave-8, Sr-67
  • Venue Bowl – NA
  • Stats T20i– M-55, Inn-37, R-592, Ave-23, Sr-108| Inn-50, W-63, Sr-15.1

Zane Green †

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-43, Ave-14, Sr-84
  • Recent Form All –(5), (12), (26),  (11*), (23*), (42*), (DNB), (22)
  • H2H Bat – M-4, Inn-4, R-50, Ave-12, Sr-82
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-43, Ave-14, Sr-84
  • Stats T20i– M-53, Inn-36, R-400, Ave-14.28, Sr-104

David Wiese 

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-39, Ave-19, Sr-108 | Inn-3, W-1, Sr-60
  • Recent Form All – (2+0W), (14+0W), (23*+1W), (2+4W), (30*+1W), (0W), (24*+0W), (24*+1W)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-3, R-39, Ave-19, Sr-108
  • H2H Bowl – Inn-3, W-1, Sr-60
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-39, Ave-19, Sr-108
  • Venue Bowl –  Inn-3, W-1, Sr-60
  • Stats T20i– M-48, Inn-34, R-493, Ave-21.61, Sr-124 | Inn-48, W-50, Sr-20

Ruben Trumpelmann 

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-2, R-28, Ave-14, Sr-112 | Inn-3, W-5, Sr-10
  • Recent Form All – (26+0W), (2+3W), (2W), (0W), (0+0W), (DNB), (14+1W), (19+2W)
  • H2H Bowl –  Inn-3, W-5, Sr-9
  • Venue Bowl –  Inn-3, W-5, Sr-10
  • Stats T20i– M-26, Inn-22, W-24, Sr-18

Bernard Scholtz

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-2, R-16, Ave-16, Sr-145 | Inn-3, W-2, Sr-27
  • Recent Form All – (7*+1W), (9+0W), (1W), (DNB), (4*+1W), (7*+0W), (2W), (0+2W)
  • H2H Bowl – M-4, Inn-4, W-5, Sr-16
  • Venue Bowl – Inn-3, W-2, Sr-27
  • Stats T20i– M-56, Inn-55, W-59, Sr-19

Dylan Leicher 

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, R-20, Ave-10, Sr-71 | Inn-2, W-2, Sr-9
  • Recent Form All – /(0+1W) (8), (12*+1W), (29), (8), (9*), (42*), (14)
  • H2H Bat – M-3, Inn-3, R-20, Ave-10, Sr-71
  • H2H Bowl – M-3, Inn-2, W-2, Sr-9
  • Venue Bat –  M-3, Inn-3, R-20, Ave-10, Sr-71
  • Venue Bowl – Inn-2, W-2, Sr-9
  • Stats T20i– M-8, Inn-6, R-79, Ave-26, Sr-92 | Inn-4, W-3, Sr-16

Simon Petrus Shikongo 

  • (On Going) – M-1, Inn-1, W-0
  • Recent Form All –(1*+0w),  (4*+0W), (1W), (1W), (1W), (1*+1W)
  • H2H Bowl – Inn-1, W-0
  • Venue Bowl – Inn-1, W-0
  • Stats T20i– M-4, Inn-4, W-3, Sr-16.0

Tangeni Lungameni

  • (On Going) – M-3, Inn-3, W-4, Sr-15
  • Recent Form All – (0W), (12*+1W), (3W), (0W), (0*+0W), (0W), (1W), (0W)
  • H2H Bowl – Inn-3, W-4, Sr-15
  • Venue Bowl – M-3, Inn-3, W-4, Sr-15
  • Stats T20i– M-30, Inn-29, W-25, Sr-20


Ben Shikongo

  • (On Going) – M-1, Inn-1, W-0
  • Recent Form All – (1*+0W), (0W), (2W), (2W), (0W), (DNB)
  • H2H Bowl – M-2, Inn-1, W-0
  • Venue Bowl – M-1, Inn-1, W-0
  • Stats T20i– M-32, Inn-30, W-28, Sr-16

Jack Brassell

  • (On Going) – NA
  • Recent Form All – (0W), (1W), (1W), (0W), (1*+0W)
  • H2H Bowl – NA
  • Venue Bowl – NA
  • Stats T20i– M-5, Inn-4, W-4, Sr-21.0

Disclaimer: This Dream11 prediction is based on available data and analysis. The actual performance of players can vary.

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