Sportasy is a daily fantasy sports application that allows users to win real cash in various sports. This app can be the best alternative for Dream11, especially for small leagues.

Fantasy sports has become very popular in the current world. Also, it helps users to keep a track of all the games happening and diving deep into an understanding more about the game. And also, the fantasy point system is very easy to understand and comprehend. Almost like Dream11 so which gives the users of Sportasy a surreal experience.

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About Sportasy

Blossomfield Gaming zone Private Limited is a gaming company based in India. That also offers a plethora of Daily Fantasy sports contests.

Their primary motto is to ensure that they provide a unique gaming platform for individuals to utilize their strategic understanding of the games that we all love rather than just actually playing the game.

It provides a wholesome opportunity for individuals to take strategic decisions based on the situation. Which not only puts their analyzing skills to test but also to earn real cash at the same time. 

Click to Signup on Sportasy – Referral Code: BABACRIC

Why play in Sportasy?

  • Low Entry fees – The entry fee here is very less compared to other apps
  • Free entry contest – Have no money? Don’t worry they provide free contests regularly in the app.
  • Fast withdrawals – The withdrawal gets processed in the same day and you get to choose your preferred way of withdrawal either through Paytm wallet or Bank account.
  • 24/7 Customer support – Feel free to raise any issue and their customer service will ensure to keep you up to date with the happenings anytime of the day.
  • 25% referral commission for lifetime – Bring your friends and earn 25% of their commissions for lifetime.
  • Signup bonus – Get 500rs signup bonus when you use a refer code and use a part of them to play in cash contests. Also, the best part is the bonus never expires.
  • Dream11 Alternative – The UI of the APP is very similar to Dream11, so it will be very easy to play.

Click to Signup on Sportasy – Referral Code: BABACRIC

Multiple Sports in Sportasy

Currently, there are a total of 3 sports are playing in Sportasy. But other sports can be added in future

Fantasy Cricket

From the world of cricket, they cover every single match Men, Women, U19s, Domestic and every format of the game including T10s. Also, the point system is different for each format which makes it a good challenge. Fantasy cricket includes selecting 11 players from a match within 100 credits. And lets them play on the field while you keep winning off the field. If you are looking for Dream11 alternatives for Fantasy Cricket then you can also click here

Fantasy Football

For all the football users they cover every league from Euro Cup to the Copa America and every other event. Come play with us and win real cash with the help of your knowledge. So select 11 players within 100 credits and choose a captain who will give 2x points and a vice-captain who will give 1.5x.

Fantasy Basketball

They have recently added basketball where you get to select 8 players from a match within the 100 credits. The captain gives you 2x points and the vice-captain gives you 1.5x.

So without any delay just create the account on Sportasy now to get the best Dream11 alternative for small leagues.

Click to Signup on Sportasy – Referral Code: BABACRIC

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