Dinesh Karthik: RCB Shared A Special Video, Kohli And Deepika Got Emotional!

Sangeeta Viswas
4 weeks ago

Dinesh Karthik: RCB Shared A Special Video, Kohli And Deepika Got Emotional! The 17th season of the IPL marked the end of an era as veteran wicket-keeper batsman Dinesh Karthik hung up his boots.

But This Wasn’t Your Average Player Retirement!

RCB created a special video for Karthik, highlighting some of his career’s most unforgettable moments.

Get this – the video was so touching, it even brought tears to the eyes of Virat Kohli and Dinesh’s wife, Deepika Pallikal!

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What Did Deepika Say?

In the video, Deepika says, “I’ve seen him get dropped when he wasn’t performing. Anyone else might have given up, but not Dinesh. He always came back stronger, proving himself again and again.

He never stopped fighting. He’s reached a great place and achieved so much, and now he’s decided to move on. That’s something to be proud of.”

What Memories Did Virat Kohli Share?

Recalling his time with Karthik, Kohli said, “The first time I met Dinesh was back in 2009, during the Champions Trophy in South Africa. We shared a dressing room for the first time. I found him to be a really fun guy. About Dinesh, all I can say is that he never gave up.

He’s been a fantastic batsman since the beginning. Even off the field, Dinesh and I talk about a lot more than just cricket. When my IPL 2022 season wasn’t going well, I spoke to Dinesh, and he boosted my confidence. I still remember that to this day.”

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This video truly captures Dinesh Karthik’s passion and dedication to the game.

Farewell to a true champion!

What are your favorite memories of Dinesh Karthik’s career?

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