Ashley Giles: Some Guys A Break Not For IPL

Sarita Dey
3 years ago

Ashley Giles, the Managing Director of England Men’s Cricket, said that the England and Wales Cricket Broad (ECB) is not planning to change their schedule for the IPL 2021.

The 14th edition (postponed) of the IPL likely to be played in the UAE from September 15 to October 15.

According to an ESPN Cricinfo report, Ashley Giles opined that some of England’s players would be rested in the upcoming tours of Pakistan and Bangladesh. If are most likely to take place at the same time as the second phase of the IPL.

He confirmed there were no plans by the ECB to tweak their schedule, especially for the fifth Test against Bangladesh, which is slated for September 14.

Leave For Tours Of Bangladesh-

The England side will leave for Bangladesh a week after the final Test and move on to Pakistan for two T20Is. That has been tentatively scheduled for October 14 and 15. The remainder of the IPL is likely to resume around September 18 and continue until October 12.

“I’m not aware of anything official, any requests to shift anything,” Giles explained. “As far as we’re concerned and what we’re prepared for, the matches will be where they are. I’m not surprised there are all sorts of speculation. Everyone wants to get their cricket in. But we’ve not received anything official and we’re cracking on.”

“We have a full schedule,” he added. “If we go from the end of the fifth Test in September. We are set to leave for Bangladesh on September 19 or 20. Our full schedule right through, including Pakistan and wherever the T20 World Cup is,” Giles.

“We are going to have to give some of these guys a break at some point. But the intention of giving guys a break for, say, Bangladesh wouldn’t be for them to go and play cricket elsewhere. We have to manage our schedule now so we get our guys arriving in the best shape possible for the T20 World Cup and the Ashes,” he said.

However, Giles made it clear that just because the players have been given a break. It doesn’t mean they have the liberty to ‘go play cricket elsewhere’, extinguishing the hopes of the Englishmen playing. Any further part in the remainder of IPL 2021 whenever it takes place.

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