KKR Fan Cried in Front Of Gautam Gambhir! This 50-second Video Will Make You Cry

Sangeeta Viswas
6 days ago

IPL 2024: KKR fans cried in front of Gautam Gambhir! This 50-second video will make you cry. Have you seen this video of a KKR fan? Heartbreaking video!

Gambhir Under Whose Captaincy KKR Became Champion Twice:-

Gautam Gambhir – The name which fills the heart of Kolkata Knight Riders fans on hearing it. The same Gambhir under whose captaincy KKR became champion twice.

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Under Gambhir’s leadership, KKR achieved milestones which it had never been able to achieve before.

But Gambhir said goodbye to KKR. And a KKR fan was heartbroken after hearing this news.

That Fan Became So Emotional After Seeing Gambhir

Were taking serious part in a program. A KKR fan was also present in the same program. That fan became so emotional after seeing Gambhir that he started crying in front of him.

The fan repeatedly told Gambhir – “Don’t leave us.” There was pain in his voice, tears in his eyes. He was so attached to Gambhir that he couldn’t even bear the thought of his leaving.

Fan Expressed His Feelings By Singing A Bengali Song

Then the fan expressed his feelings by singing a Bengali song. Even after the song ended, he kept saying the same to Gambhir – “You live in our hearts, never leave us.”

Gambhir also became emotional after seeing this fan’s love. He hugged the fan and said – “Don’t worry, I will always be with KKR.”

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This video is going viral on social media. Everyone is getting emotional seeing this fan’s love and respect for Gambhir.

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