Rahul Dravid gave advice to Pujara for T20 cricket

Sudev Haldar
3 years ago

Rahul Dravid gave advice to Cheteshwar Pujara for T20 cricket

Indian Test batsman Cheteshwar Pujari is ready to rock for the Indian Premier League 2021, He is going to return after almost 7 years in the world’s largest T20 league

This year, Chennai Super Kings bought Pujara in their base prize of 50 Lacs and added to their team.

Pujara recently revealed that when he first played the T20 format, he was afraid that it would affect his Test format. But then Rahul Dravid gave him advice which changed Pujara’s mindset.

Pujara said recently that Rahul Dravid gave me advice for T20 cricket to improve his T20 batting early in his career.

Pujara explained that “It all comes with experience. When I was playing in the first T20 format, I used to worry if my Test cricket would go bad? Will my batting after the IPL end?” There will be some technical problems. But now I get out of this thing. “

Rahul Dravid taught me importance of switching off from cricket: Cheteshwar  Pujara | Cricket News - Times of India

He added, “Over time, I understood that my strength, my natural game is not going to go anywhere, even if I start playing different shots.”

The great batsman said that it has been 15 years since he played cricket and if he plays T20 cricket now, it will not affect his Test cricket.

Pujara said “I started playing at a very young age. I made my first-class debut in 2005-06.

So I have been playing cricket for about 15 years. So if I play T20 cricket now, then When I prepare for the Test series, I will not forget my Test cricket. It will be no problem to play the T20 format and play Test cricket again. “

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