Babar Azam Captaincy Sinking Pakistan

Sumant Mandal
1 week ago

Babar Azam Captaincy Sinking Pakistan.

A Disappointing Performance from Babar Azam

The T20 World Cup 2024 has left Pakistani fans and former players feeling a lot of discontent with the team’s performance. The discussions around this disappointment are far from over. This time, former Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif has directly questioned captain Babar Azam’s leadership.

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Asif’s Bold Critique

In a recent interview, Asif expressed his frustration with Pakistan’s batting performance. He stated, “Our team lacks the punch that Rohit Sharma brings to the Indian team. That’s the secret to India’s success in the last few World Cups.” But Asif didn’t stop there.

Babar Azam Leadership Dilemma

Asif continued, saying, “As a captain, Babar Azam needs to seriously rethink his strategies.” There is some truth to Asif’s words. In recent World Cups, Pakistan’s batting lineup hasn’t been able to deliver explosive starts like Team India. But is poor batting the only reason for Pakistan’s losses?

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More Than Just Batting?

This leads us to wonder if there were other strategic mistakes contributing to Pakistan’s downfall. Could it be that there were other areas where Pakistan fell short?

What Do You Think?

Do you think Pakistan’s batting is solely to blame for their defeat, or were there other factors at play?

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