Babar Azam Sues Journalist for ₹1 Billion

Sumant Mandal
1 month ago

Babar Azam Sues Journalist for a ₹1 Billion: Cricket Match-Fixing Allegations Rock Pakistan.

Babar Azam Under Fire

The recent T20 World Cup saw Pakistan’s cricket team face not just on-field challenges but also off-field controversies.

Early losses ignited criticism for the team, and things got worse when serious accusations of match-fixing were aimed at their captain, Babar Azam.

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The Accusations and the Accuser

The man behind these explosive allegations was none other than Mubashir Luqman, a prominent Pakistani journalist.

Luqman claimed that Azam had engaged in match-fixing and pocketed hefty sums of money in return, using the ill-gotten gains to purchase a luxury car.

Shockwaves Through Cricket

These accusations sent shockwaves through the Pakistani cricket fraternity.

Fans were outraged, the media erupted in a frenzy, and the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was forced to take notice.

The central question hung in the air: had Babar Azam, the poster boy of Pakistani cricket, indeed tarnished his reputation with such a heinous act?

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Babar Azam Sues Journalist for ₹1 Billion

Babar Azam Fights Back: A Lawsuit and a Billion Rupee Demand

Azam’s response was swift and decisive. He not only denied the allegations vehemently but also decided to take legal action against Luqman. Azam filed a defamation lawsuit, demanding a staggering 1 billion rupees (approximately $6.6 million) in damages.

Questions Linger: Truth or Baseless Accusations?

The case raised crucial questions: did Luqman have any concrete evidence to support his claims?

Or were these merely baseless accusations aimed at tarnishing Azam’s image?

The answers to these questions remain elusive, and the full impact of this incident on Pakistani cricket is yet to be seen.

Your Opinion Matters: Will Azam Win His Case?

The legal battle between Azam and Luqman is ongoing, and the outcome remains uncertain. But what do you think? Will Babar Azam emerge victorious in his defamation case, clearing his name of these match-fixing allegations?

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