Real11 – Is it the Fastest Growing Fantasy Platform in India?

3 years ago

Real11 is a prolific daily fantasy sports platform that allows users to play fantasy leagues and earn real cash with their comprehensive understanding of the game. Here, fans can create their virtual teams of
the upcoming matches and score points supported by the on-field performance of players, and compete with other fans. Compete in a prize pool of your choice and stand a chance to win exciting cash rewards.

The fantasy platform of Real 11 is revolutionizing the web gaming industry with its unique and innovative product offering where users get a chance to satisfy their dreams by making the best use of their knowledge of the game. Started as a platform solely dedicated to cricket leagues, Real11 has now
shifted to other sports as well. Now you can enjoy fantasy football on this platform.


Fantasy Cricket

Real11 Fantasy Cricket has a huge user base with thousands of thousands of daily players. Create your team comprising ‘wicket-keepers, batsmen, all-rounders, and bowlers’ within 100 credits. After drafting your playing XI, pick your captain & vice-captain; try to give a thought to these two players because you get bonus points for the captain (2x) and vice-captain (1.5x). Once you are done with your playing XI join as many contests as you want. You also have the provision of creating private contests wherein you can compete alongside your friends. Enjoy the perks of fantasy cricket and compete in sundry cricket leagues.

Fantasy Football

Pick 11 players from the ‘Goalkeepers, Defenders, Mid Fielders, and Strikers’ section within a maximum budget of 100 credits. After creating your fantasy football team of 11 players, pick your captain & vice-captain; try to give a thought to these two players because you get bonus points for the captain (2x) and vice-captain (1.5x). After creating your team join as many contests as you want.

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Essential features

  • Lowest Entry Fees: Join a contest of your choice with the lowest entry fees.
  • Easy deposits and instant withdrawals: Make simple deposits and instant withdrawals without any hassle
  • Second Innings Contest: Take part in the second innings contest to stay in contention.
  • Low Credits: Low credits ensure you pick your desired players without worrying about total credits
  • Can create up to 15 teams: With Real11 you can join a contest with as many as 15 teams
  • Fascinating Offers: Bonus rewards, Instant cash back, and many such thrilling rewards are presented.
  • Refer & Earn: Use your unique referral code to invite others and earn Rs 50. Invite more, earn more
  • Shareable Contests: With this feature, you can earn a free entry in the contest upon inviting others to join that contest.
  • Weekly Leaderboard: Compete alongside the best in the game. A person who acquires the first
  • position wins Rs 5000. Many such cash prizes are distributed at the end of every week

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