India and Pakistan are the biggest rivals in the world. Cricket gives them a platform where they show their emotions with bat and ball. Both teams faces each other 12 times till now. India won 8 times, one game finished in a tie while Pakistan got only 3 wins. We got big names from the India Vs Pakistan clash. Some players have good stats & records in India vs Pakistan T20. Here we have stats for India vs Pakistan T20. The Best Batsman, Best Bowler & Best fielder from both teams in India Vs Pakistan games.

India vs Pakistan T20 World Cup (Rohit Sharma & Babar Azam)
India Vs Pakistan
Source-ESPN Cricinfo

Best Batsman in India vs Pakistan Match

Best Batsman from India – Virat Kohli

IND vs PAK T20 Virat Kohli shows who is the boss with 50 vs Pakistan
Virat Kohli

It is always a match-up between India’s Batsman & Pakistan’s Bowlers in India Vs Pakistan. Virat Kohli is the best batsman against Pakistan in T20Is. He is the most consistent batsman in the Indian team. Virat Kohli Scored 488 runs in 10 matches with Bat. Ave.-81.33 & Bat. SR.-123.85. He always comes in difficult situations for India & Performs phenomenally So without objection Virat Kohli is best for India against their arch-rivals Pakistan. Here are the batting stats in India vs Pakistan of Virat Kohli against Pakistan.

V Kohli2012-20221010448882*81.33394123.850504811
Source-ESPN Cricinfo

Best Batsman from Pakistan – Mohammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan Was In IND vs PAK T20
Mohammad Rizwan

Mohammad Rizwan is the best batsman in India Vs Pakistan in T20Is for Pakistan. He is the most consistent batsman in the Pakistani team after Babar Azam. Mohammad Rizwan Scored 197 runs in 4 matches with Bat. Ave.-65.66 & Bat. SR.-123.12. He comes as an Opener with Babar Azam. Mohammad Rizwan is one of the most reliable batsmen in the Pakistani Team. The Pakistani team is very dependent on Mohammad Rizwan. Here are the batting stats of Mohammad Rizwan against India.

Mohammad Rizwan2021-202244119779*65.66160123.12020176
Source-ESPN Cricinfo

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Best Bowler in India vs Pakistan Match

Best Bowler from India – Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Asia Cup 2022: Bhuvneshwar Kumar registers best-ever figures by Indian  bowler vs Pakistan in T20Is
Bhuvneshwar Kumar

Indian Bowlers always play a big role in India Vs Pakistan. Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a pick of the bowler in that part of the team. Bhuvneshwar Kumar played 7 games against Pakistan till now & just once he went wicketless. From this, we can understand that Bhuvneshwar Kumar has been the most successful bowler for India. Bhuvneshwar Kumar has taken 11 wickets in 7 matches with Bowl. Ave.-17.18 & Bowl. SR.-14.1. Here are the bowling stats of Bhuvneshwar Kumar against Pakistan.

B Kumar2012-20227726.00189114/2617.187.2614.110
Source-ESPN Cricinfo

Best Bowler from Pakistan – Umar Gul

Pakistan fast bowler Umar Gul in IND vs PAK T20
Umar Gul

Pakistan Team is Always known for their bowling more than batting. Pakistani bowlers have an edge over Indian bowlers. Umar Gul is Taken the most wickets in India Vs Pakistan. He has taken 11 wickets in 6 matches with Bowl. Ave.-16.70 & Bowl. SR.-13.2. He was the perfect bowler for Pakistan who can bowl at the start, Middle & end of the inning. Here are the bowling stats of Umar Gul against India.

Umar Gul2007-20146621.30178114/3716.188.2711.710
Source – ESPN Cricinfo

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Best Fielder in India vs Pakistan Match

Best Fielder from India – Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina best fielding
Suresh Raina

Fielding is also a very important part of cricket. Indian Fielders are always far better than Pakistan’s Fielder. Suresh Raina is the most Successful fielder (Non-Wicketkeeper) for India against Pakistan. He is the best fielder overall for India. Suresh Raina Dismissed 7 batsmen in 8 matches as a fielder. Here are the fielding stats of Suresh Raina against Pakistan.

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStCt WkCt FiMDD/I
SK Raina2012-201666770073 (3ct 0st)1.166
Source – ESPN Cricinfo

Best Fielder from Pakistan – Shoaib Malik

Five Best Fielders in History of Pakistan Cricket -
Shoaib Malik

Although the Pakistani team is not known for fielding, Still some players have performed well in fielding against India. Shoaib Malik is one the best fielder for Pakistan and also performed well against India. Shoaib malik Dismissed 4 batsmen in 9 matches as a fielder in India Vs Pakistan. Here are the Fielding stats of Shoaib Malik against India.

PlayerSpanMatInnsDisCtStCt WkCt FiMDD/I
Shoaib Malik2007-202199440041 (1ct 0st)0.444
Source – ESPN Cricinfo

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