Battle in Cricket! Shahzad Gave A Befitting Reply To Afridi, ‘Where Should I Score Runs?’

Sangeeta Viswas
5 days ago

Battle in Cricket! Shahzad Gave A Befitting Reply To Afridi, ‘Where Should I Score Runs?’ Drama alert in Pakistani cricket! A video is going viral showing Shahid Afridi and Ahmed Shahzad in a heated exchange. Shahzad throws a massive question at Afridi, leaving Boom Boom speechless!

So, What Happened?

In the video, Shahzad starts by saying, “Back when you (Afridi) were captain…”

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Before he can finish, Afridi cuts him off, saying, “All I want from you is to score runs whenever you get a chance. Enjoy life with your wife and kids.”

Shahzad fires back, “Exactly, Shahid Bhai! That’s all I want too! But you gotta have a platform to score runs, right? Why is it that when PSL teams want me, someone always objects? Tell me, where am I supposed to make runs? At home?!”

The video ends abruptly.

Why The Fight?

Remember Ahmed Shahzad? The guy once called a Virat Kohli clone? He used to be a star, playing all formats for Pakistan.

But slowly, he got sidelined from the national team. On top of that, he kept getting overlooked in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) drafts.

Despite consistent performances in domestic cricket, Shehzad never got a fair shot in the PSL, eventually leading to his retirement from the league.

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Shahzad’s Record

Ahmed Shahzad has played a decent amount of international cricket for Pakistan: 13 Tests, 81 ODIs, and 59 T20Is.

He has a decent Test average of over 40 with three centuries. In ODIs, he averages over 32 with six tons. Even in T20s, his average is close to 26 with a strike rate exceeding 114.

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