Do You Know That Match Of The T20 World Cup in Which 6 Batsmen Of One Team Were Out On 0?

Sangeeta Viswas
2 months ago

Do you know that match of the T20 World Cup in which 6 batsmen of one team were out on 0? T20 cricket is considered a batsman’s game. Fours-sixes, shots flying high into the sky, and big scores – all these are the hallmarks of this format.

Some Such Matches Have Also Taken Place in T20 Cricket:-

But do you know that there have been some matches in T20 cricket where the batsmen have been in bad shape?

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Yes of corse! There are many such matches in which the batsmen were starving for runs and the bowlers were in style.

Today we are going to tell you about one such match, in which 6 batsmen of a team were out on 0!

The Kenyan Team Had A Bad Start When They Came To Bat:-

This match was played between Kenya and New Zealand in the 2007 T20 World Cup. The Kenyan team, which came to bat first in the match, had a bad start.

In the first two overs itself, 4 of their batsmen were out for 0. Even after this, wickets continued to fall and a total of 6 batsmen were out at 0.

This is An Amazing Record in T20 Cricket History:-

The entire team was all out after scoring 73 runs in just 16.5 overs. In reply, New Zealand achieved the target at the loss of 1 wicket in just 7.4 overs.

This match shows that anything can happen in cricket. One moment the team is moving towards victory, and the next moment it is facing defeat.

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This uncertainty of T20 cricket makes it exciting. So next time you watch a T20 match, remember that it could be anything!

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