Gulshan Jha: The Young Cricketer From Nepal Who Gave A Shock To South Africa By Defeating Them

Sangeeta Viswas
1 month ago

T20 World Cup 2024: Gulshan Jha: The Young Cricketer From Nepal Who Gave A Shock To South Africa By Defeating Them. Nepal, the underdogs, are facing the mighty South Africa.

Everyone expects a one-sided match, but Nepal pulls off a surprise, restricting South Africa to a measly 115 runs! Now, it’s their turn to bat, and guess who’s the star everyone’s looking at? An 18-year-old Nepali cricketer named Gulshan Jha.

Who is Gulshan Jha?

This young gun isn’t your average cricketer. He made history by becoming the third youngest player ever to debut in a One-Day International at the shockingly young age of 15! But that’s not all. Gulshan’s journey to the national team is straight out of a movie.

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Viral Videos and a Cricket Dream

Believe it or not, Gulshan got noticed thanks to social media. After just two smashing domestic cricket matches, his videos went viral, catching the eye of the Nepal Cricket Board. They fast-tracked him into the national team, giving him a shot at his dream.

Bowling Beauty and Batting Beast

Gulshan is a true all-rounder. He bowls left-arm and whacks the ball hard with his right hand. He’s already played for Nepal’s U-19 and senior teams, making a name for himself in both T20 and ODI cricket.

The Near-Miss Against South Africa

Remember that nail-biting match against South Africa? Gulshan was right in the thick of things. He had a phenomenal performance, needing just 2 runs in the final over to win the match for Nepal! But in a heartbreaking twist, he got run out. Nepal fell short by a single run, leaving everyone speechless.

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The Future of Nepali Cricket?

Despite the near miss, there’s no doubt that Gulshan is a talent to watch. With his dedication and skills, he’s bound to become a pillar of the Nepali cricket team. But the question remains…

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