Star Singer Placed A Bet Of Rs 5 Crore On India’s Victory, What Will Be The Result?

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: Star Singer Placed A Bet Of Rs 5 Crore On India’s Victory, What Will Be The Result? Hold onto your jerseys, cricket fans! The T20 World Cup 2024 is here, and the much-anticipated India vs Pakistan match is just around the corner.

Fans on social media are already going wild, predicting victories for their teams. But wait, there’s more to this high-voltage clash! A famous Canadian singer just upped the ante with a HUGE bet.

Who’s This Mystery Singer?

It’s none other than Drake! Yep, the award-winning rapper, singer, and actor known for his chart-topping hits.

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So, How Much Is Drake Betting?

Buckle up! Drake has placed a cool $650,000 on India winning the match. That translates to a whopping ₹5.42 crore! If India wins, Drake will be walking away with a sweet ₹7.6 crore.

Why’s He Betting So Big?

Apparently, Drake did his research. He looked at the history of India-Pakistan T20 matches and seems to be feeling lucky for Team India. Plus, the guy likes to gamble – he bets on everything from cricket to football and even basketball!

But hold on, betting can be risky. Remember that UFC fight in 2022? Drake lost a massive $2 million when his prediction went wrong.

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So, will India win and make Drake richer?

That’s the big question! Both India and Pakistan are strong contenders, and their matches are always nail-biters. This one’s definitely going to be a close fight!

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