T20 WC 2024: Controversy Over Jersey! Uganda Team Got Upset, ICC Took This Decision!

Sangeeta Viswas
2 weeks ago

ICC T20 WC 2024: Controversy Over Jersey! Uganda Team Got Upset, ICC Took This Decision! The ICC T20 World Cup 2024 is just around the corner, and all teams are gearing up for the big event. The tournament kicks off on June 2nd, with 20 teams vying for the coveted trophy.

While all teams have announced their squads, one team has found itself in a bit of a pickle just before the tournament’s start.

The ICC has banned the jersey of one team, asking them to design a new one. This team is none other than Uganda. The jersey they had unveiled for the World Cup was deemed non-compliant by the ICC.

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Why Was The Jersey Banned?

The ICC T20 World Cup might be starting on June 2nd, but the warm-up matches are already underway, adding to the pre-tournament excitement. However, for one team, this excitement turned into a bit of a buzzkill when the ICC banned their jersey.

The team in question is Uganda. The jersey they had launched for the World Cup was banned by the ICC. The reason for the ban was that the jersey had bird feathers on the sleeves, which were obstructing the sponsor logos.

New Jersey With 20% Changes

The Ugandan jersey was selected after a competition organized by the country’s cricket association. The competition culminated in the winning design by Eliza Mangeni, inspired by the country’s national bird, the ‘gray crowned’ crane.

The ICC, while banning the jersey, asked for the removal of the feather design on the sleeves and for the sponsor logos to be made more prominent. They suggested converting the feather design into a pattern on the sleeves.

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The new jersey designed by Uganda now removes the feathers from the sleeves. Instead, the feather design has been incorporated into the pants. The Uganda Cricket Board has stated that the new jersey is 20% different from the old one.

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