The Can Celebrity Culture Cost Team India Dearly, Rohit-Pandya… Indian Legend Warns

Sangeeta Viswas
3 weeks ago

ICC T20 World Cup 2024: The Can celebrity culture cost Team India dearly, Rohit-Pandya… Indian legend warns. Indian cricket has celebrity culture, which sometimes harms it. This is not the case in Australia. That is why they often overtake us.

This is what India’s legendary all-rounder Irfan Pathan said. He mentioned celebrity culture when a question related to Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandya was asked, which has links to IPL and Mumbai Indians.

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How should coach Rahul Dravid handle the Rohit Sharma-Hardik Pandya issue before the T20 World Cup. When this question came up in a Cricinfo show, Irfan Pathan said, ‘There is no celebrity culture in Australia.

We Do Not Get Any Benefit From This Celebrity Culture:-

Fortunately or unfortunately it is in India. Although I would like that there should be a balance between India and Australia regarding this culture.

Many times we do not get any benefit from this celebrity culture. But we are Indians, not Australians. We Indians have different emotions. Ethical values ​​are different. The mindset is also different.’

Giving his answer on the Rohit-Hardik issue, Irfan Pathan says, ‘I think Hardik Pandya will play an important role in the T20 World Cup.

Keep in mind that there are only three specialist bowlers in the Indian team for the T20 World Cup. Hardik is going to be in the role of the fourth bowler.

He May Prove Important On The Pitches Of America

If he performs well, then India will get permission to keep an extra spinner in the team, who will prove important on the pitches of America. India has to play matches in America during the day. There will be no dew during the day and spinners can take advantage of this.’

Irfan Pathan then takes the question of Rohit-Hardik forward and gives the example of Greg Chappell. He says, ‘Greg Chappell’s aggressive style backfired.

He wanted to bring Australian culture to the Indian team, in which there is no celebrity status for anyone. But Chappell could not do this and eventually, he had to leave the post of coach.

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While there was no lack in Chappell’s intentions. He wanted to take the Indian team forward. But he could not find the right way.’

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