Will The Pakistani Team Not Improve? The Captain Made Fun Of His Teammate

Sangeeta Viswas
3 weeks ago

ICC T20 World Cp 2024: Will The Pakistani Team Not Improve? The Captain Made Fun Of His Teammate. Seems like controversy and the Pakistani cricket team go hand-in-hand. From on-field clashes with opponents to locker-room rumbles, this team always finds a way to be in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

This time, the drama unfolded during their prep for the T20 World Cup. And guess what? It involves their captain, Babar Azam, and his teammate, Azam Khan.

What Went Down During Practice?

Pakistan’s currently chilling in the US, gearing up for their first T20 World Cup match against the hosts on June 6th. A video from their practice session has surfaced online, and it’s got everyone buzzing.

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In the video, skipper Babar Azam can be heard calling his wicket-keeper batsman, Azam Khan, a “rhino” (“Ganda” in Hindi). Awkward!

The Video Evidence

The clip shows 7-8 Pakistani players practicing with a rugby ball. They’re supposed to catch the ball, right? While all the other players are on their toes, Azam Khan seems a bit relaxed.

That’s when Babar Azam points towards his young teammate and cracks the “rhino” joke.

Social Media Erupts

Azam Khan is taking the brunt of Babar’s comment, with many calling it body shaming or fat shaming. Since the video leak, social media has gone crazy, trolling Babar Azam.

Some folks think Babar was way out of line and shouldn’t have made such a comment. Others believe Azam Khan should focus on getting in better shape.

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Will This Affect Their Performance?

It’s hard to say how this controversy will impact the Pakistani team’s performance.

They already lost the series against England, and fans are not happy. This drama could definitely dampen the team spirit.

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