After the postponement of IPL the T20 world cup may be held in UAE

Sudev Haldar
3 years ago

After the postponement of IPL 2021, the T20 World Cup held in October-November is also overdue to being in India. Due to the Corona epidemic, it is now almost certain that the ICC T20 World Cup may be held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

An official decision can be taken soon. In fact, the tournament is scheduled to be held in October-November and at this time there is a possibility of a third wave of Corona coming into the country. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has also admitted that no team would like to come here under such circumstances.

Why will the venue change?

A final decision on the same will be taken within a month, with the BCCI also apprehensive about convening 16 teams from around the world in October-November and organizing them safely from the tournament. The reason for this is that in IPL 2021, despite all hundreds of welfare and adherence to bio-bubble rules, the coronavirus has reached the players.

BCCI Shortlists 6 Venues For The 2021 ICC T20 World Cup

According to PTI, BCCI officials have recently discussed the decision-making of the central government with some top people and there is an agreement to shift the Tours to the UAE.

The dates of this tournament to be held at nine venues in India have not been finalized yet. According to a senior BCCI source, ‘Keeping IPL safe within four weeks is a sign that it is not safe to organize such a big global event. Especially when the country is suffering from the worst health crisis in the last 70 years. ‘

The third wave of corona is also expected to arrive in India in November. Also, most of the cricket boards are concerned and do not want to risk the safety of ICC cricket teams. Many big countries do not want to visit India within the next six months. For this reason, the BCCI will have to be ready to shift the tournament to the UAE.

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