Cricket Controversy: Why Did Ahmed Shahzad Suggest Dilshan To Convert To Islam?

Sangeeta Viswas
3 weeks ago

Cricket Controversy: Why Did Ahmed Shahzad Suggest Dilshan To Convert To Islam? Things can get heated on the cricket pitch, with arguments and sledging flying around.

Sometimes, it even goes viral! Back in 2014, Pakistani cricketer Ahmed Shehzad made headlines for a bizarre comment directed at Sri Lankan legend Tillakaratne Dilshan.

What Went Down?

It all happened during Pakistan’s tour of Sri Lanka in 2014. The two teams were battling it out in Dambulla, and Sri Lanka emerged victorious.

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After the defeat, a fired-up Shehzad approached Dilshan and said, “If you’re not Muslim, you should convert. Then, everything you do in life will lead you to heaven.”

Social Media Frenzy and Trouble

The whole thing was caught on camera and exploded on social media. Shehzad’s comment left the Pakistan Cricket Board red-faced, and fans trolled him mercilessly. The PCB even called him in for a grilling, but Shehzad insisted it was a private conversation.

Was it Okay?

This incident sparked a debate. Should players even bring religion onto the field? Shehzad’s comment definitely blurred the lines between faith and sportsmanship.

Shehzad’s Cricket Journey

This incident became a turning point for Shehzad. His performance dipped, and he slowly faded away from the international scene.

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Here’s a quick look at his stats:

  • T20: 59 matches, 1471 runs, 1 century, 7 fifties, strike rate 114.70
  • ODI: 81 matches, 2605 runs, 6 centuries, 14 fifties, strike rate 72.10
  • Test: 13 matches, 982 runs, 3 centuries, 4 fifties, strike rate 51.00

What’s Shehzad Up To Now?

Shehzad is no longer part of international cricket. Now, he focuses on domestic matches and stays active on social media.

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